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Life After Adoption in Nevada: Birth Parent Support Groups

By Erin McKenna 

The choice to give a baby up for adoption can be a wonderful, positive experience for many. It is often the best and safest choice when facing an unplanned pregnancy. However it is not uncommon to experience a heavy emotional toll during the adoption process. Feeling anxiety during your pregnancy, both about your health and the best choice for your future, is expected. After giving birth, you may feel differently about giving your baby up for adoption than you did before. You could be at risk for Postpartum Depression or experiencing grief for your child. There is nothing wrong with feeling this way—know that you are not alone.

Finding the best tools to process these feelings is important. For birth parents seeking pregnancy and adoption help in Nevada, birth parent support groups can be massively beneficial. Through Adoption Choices of Nevada, you can find a network of people to support you through your full adoption journey.

Benefits of Support Groups for the Adoption Process

One of the most common and debilitating feelings that can occur after choosing adoption is isolation. Having a community of people in your same position can be a wonderful experience. Meeting other parents who have been in your position can help you feel less alone and more empowered to grow. Hearing the perspectives of people from all stages of the adoption process can help contextualize your experience. There are many kinds of communities that can be helpful for birth parents—your family and friends can provide phenomenal support. But hearing regularly from people who understand what you’re going through better than anyone else is invaluable. Meeting with other individuals who have specifically chosen adoption in Nevada is a way to gain insight you couldn’t get anywhere else. 

Real Choices for Post-Adoption Support

There are many kinds of support you can explore after choosing adoption. These paths are beneficial and valid for any stage of the adoption process. If you find that painful feelings are interrupting your daily life, seeking therapy from a licensed professional is always recommended. The experience of an unplanned pregnancy can be extremely taxing, both physically and emotionally. Making an adoption plan is a huge life decision and not one you should have to make on your own. Reaching out for help during this time is understandable and responsible—not shameful. 

If you just need a break from stressors for a bit, solo or group retreats can be a wonderful choice. Taking time to connect with nature and focus on yourself might be all you need. It might also just be one more tool you can use to cope. Having a strong network around you is another wonderful tool to have in your belt. If there’s one thing we understand at Adoption Choices of Nevada, it’s that family can look like many things. Having relatives, a chosen family, or any other kind of community around you during this time can be healing on its own. Being honest and vulnerable with your loved ones can be daunting but extremely rewarding. Seeking structured, professional assistance is valuable, but don’t forget about the systems you already have in place. 

Misconceptions About Reno Adoption Support Groups

The biggest misconception about adoption support groups, and adoption in general, is that you will be shamed. There is no shame in making responsible decisions for your health and future. Nobody understands this more than other parents who have chosen adoption in Nevada. If you feel shame about the adoption process, speaking to a support group is a wonderful way to challenge and overcome that shame. You may also feel like it’s too late to join a support group. 

There is never a wrong time to seek out other birth parents. You can attend meetings for as long as you’d like. Experiencing difficult feelings long after choosing adoption is totally normal. Important dates like birthdays or anniversaries can stir up complicated emotions long after they originally occurred. Future pregnancies can feel more difficult after having chosen adoption. There are a number of reasons you may need help long-term, and there is nothing wrong with finding support at any time.

Post-Placement Support From Local Adoption Agencies

Finding emotional support after adoption is only one piece of the puzzle. Finding an adoption center that will provide holistic support is crucial. At Adoption Choices of Nevada, our licensed adoption experts will help provide financial, medical, and legal support throughout your adoption journey. Find assistance with us for your Reno adoption needs. If you’re pregnant considering adoption, contact us today. Find support groups, resources, important information and more with our experts now.