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By Adoption Choices of Nevada

Life After Placing a Baby for Adoption

By Rachel Tonucci

Placing a child for adoption is a decision that can evoke a spectrum of emotions, ranging from grief to gratitude. Choosing an adoption agency in Las Vegas, NV, gives you many options for this deeply personal decision. These complex decisions are often made with love and selflessness, prioritizing the child’s well-being. But how do you care for yourself after the pregnancy and adoption are over? Adoption agencies such as Adoption Choices of Nevada are here to provide guidance for you during this challenging time. 

Navigating Your Journey During and After Adoption

After experiencing an unplanned pregnancy, you are faced with thinking about what future your baby will have. At the same time, you also must conduct intensive research into how to put a child up for adoption. Whether you have chosen a closed, semi-open, or open adoption, we can offer understanding, solace, and hope throughout your journey. A closed adoption is the best choice if you want to maintain complete privacy. No information is shared between you and the adoptive family. In a semi-open adoption in Nevada, you can maintain privacy by having our agency mediate contact.

Many adoptions today are mediated. Most of the families at Adoption Choices of Nevada find that a semi-open adoption plan works best for them. In a fully open adoption in Nevada, you have direct contact with the adoptive family. This option allows you to have contact information for each other and is the best option if you wish to have a relationship with the adoptive family.

Regardless of the type of adoption, navigating life after this decision can bring up many emotions, from loss to relief. These emotions can be exacerbated by stigma and stereotypes that exist in society. For example, some may believe that placing your child for adoption means you are not financially stable. Others may think only pregnant teen mothers place babies for adoption. In addition, some of these views may be coming from your family members. Here, we provide you with compassionate advice and an informative guide to navigating life after placing a baby for adoption. Adoption Choices of Nevada wants to support you through your healing process. 

How Birth Parents Can Find Support After the Adoption Process

After placing your baby for adoption in Las Vegas, Adoption Choices of Nevada can connect you with other birth mothers. Most groups are open-minded and non-judgmental. Talking through the range of emotions you are feeling with people in the same situation helps you feel less alone. For example, feeling guilty is a common emotion many birth mothers experience. Hearing from other birth mothers who felt this way can provide comfort.

Attending an adoption support group can give you hope as well as a sense of community. You can find an in-person group through Adoption Choices of Nevada or conduct a search for an online group. Make sure to specify if you want a birth mother-only group. There may also be special events or retreats for birth mothers in the area. If none exist, you may want to consider creating one! Seeking counseling can also be helpful if the feelings become overwhelming. A therapist can provide coping strategies that help foster resilience. Our agency offers free counseling and support. Remember that life does not stop when you finalize an adoption. If you choose to have a family after the process, there is nothing wrong with that. You may find support through counseling, where you may discover reasons to be accepting of this decision. 

How Birth Parents Can Practice Self-Care After the Adoption Process

Seeking support from trusted friends or family members can provide invaluable guidance and comfort during this time. This is not a time to worry about bothering people or feeling selfish. If you trust them to be there for you, and they have offered, take them up on it. More importantly, listen to your “self-talk.” This is the voice running constantly in your head. What is it saying? If the self-talk is negative, it may be time to focus on self-compassion. Practice daily gratitude and focus on positivity to challenge these unhelpful thoughts. You may find it helpful to write these thoughts down.

In addition to journaling, you may find it helpful to engage in other self-care practices. Some may find meditation or yoga calming. Just 30 minutes of exercise a day in any form can boost your mood. You may want to attend a program at your local library or community center. Engaging in self-care practices and exploring personal interests can help foster resilience and self-discovery.

The journey after placing a baby for adoption can be filled with emotions, including grief, loss, relief, gratitude, and love. It’s important to acknowledge and embrace these emotions as part of the healing process. If you are a birth mother navigating the adoption process in Nevada, we can offer advice and support. Adoption Choices of Nevada is here to help with what comes next. We encourage you to join our Birth Parent Support Group. Here you can talk regularly with other birth parents who have made an adoption plan