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By Adoption Choices of Nevada

A Promising Life For a Birth Mother After Adoption

By Hunter Silvey

If you are struggling to put one foot in front of the other after giving your child up for adoption, then Adoption Choices of Nevada wants you to know that your journey isn’t over. For your entire life, you have done amazing things, from your own first steps to the friendships you’ve cherished along the way. From your first kiss to the choices and hobbies that make you a unique person, you have persevered on this long and difficult path of life. And now, the incredible gift of a child to a loving family that so desperately wanted to have a family to call their own. Your gifts and talents make you who you are, and Adoption Choices of Nevada wants to remind you of all of those things.

Today, we will talk about counseling, support groups, and retreats, and ultimately look to remind and suggest great ways to get in touch with yourself after your adoption.

Finding the Right Counseling After Your Adoption in Las Vegas

Adoption Choices of Nevada has some great therapeutic suggestions for you to consider after your adoption. There are fast-paced therapy courses through processes such as Solution-Focused Brief Therapy. This is a goal-oriented therapy that will help if you’re just looking to get over the hump. It will focus on positive solutions to any worldly problems that perhaps weren’t so difficult for you before your adoption.

There are great therapy options like this one that can be found on Adoption Choices of Nevada’s website. This level of therapy can be discussed early in your adoption process. Perhaps you needed some therapy to get you through the earlier stages of your adoption process. If so, There is absolutely no pressure or judgment if you want to continue this therapy. 

Go to a Birth Mother Support is Something That Peaks Your Interest, Then We Have Some Good News

All across the nation, women that have been or will be in your shoes are gathering together to talk about life. Women who have had adoptions in Nevada are gathering together to connect over their shared life experiences. Vulnerability and empathy fuel group therapy within support groups. These are birth mothers or soon-to-be birth mothers that wanna know that someone like you is out there. Someone who made the courageous choice every day for 9 months to stick to your adoption plan in order to be the best birth mother that you could be. 

Some of these women in the early stages of pregnancy may not know it, but you do. You know that courage doesn’t end at birth. Rather, you are courageous every day. You wake up and persevere through the day. 

Maybe you’re looking for a group of women that know your struggle. Here at Adoption Choices of Nevada, there are birth mothers sharing a similar journey that are looking for someone like you.

Going on Retreats After Your Adoption

Whether your desired retreat is religious, spiritual, or a getaway to help clear your mind, there are great places to see. These trips don’t have to break the bank either. A simple road trip for the weekend can help clear your mind. A clear mind just might be what you really need to get yourself over the hump after your adoption. 

Remembering What Made Life Fun Before Your Unplanned Pregnancy

Everyone has some sort of hobby. Some people have hobbies like playing musical instruments. The piano is a soothing instrument to play and a rewarding hobby to get good at. Others enjoy exercise in their spare time. Lifting weights, going on runs, or just getting some fresh air around the neighborhood can release incredible amounts of serotonin that can boost your morale each and every day. 

What was it that got you truly excited? Do you have any pets? Maybe some relatives that you haven’t seen in a while that you always loved spending time with. There are great lifestyle choices and hobbies that are out there. You just have to find the right one for you.

Adoption Choices of Nevada wants to remind you that exciting hobbies are a great boost to your day. Having said that, if you truly need counseling or therapy, you should still definitely seek out professional help, such as suggestions earlier on in our article. 

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