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By Adoption Choices of Nevada

Life Post the Adoption Process for Birth Mothers

By: Mohammed Ahmad

There is a lot of conversation about your feelings in the beginning and during the adoption process. A lot of what is forgotten is how you deal with everything post-adoption. From the very beginning, there is a mix of emotions that are presented. 

Some may forget the lingering emotions that stay even after the adoption process is finished. Once everything is finalized and executed, certain feelings of sadness or loneliness may arrive. Many birth mothers may even develop feelings of regret. 

You may ask yourself, was this truly the right decision? Will my child resent me when they are older? These are hard questions to swallow. They are bound to put a seed in your head that can develop into depression. 

These reactions are to be expected. You are a mother. Someone who carried their child for nine months, developing an unbreakable bond between you and your baby. Deciding to put your baby up for adoption can feel like you are breaking that bond. The truth is you are ensuring the most valuable and cherished life for your child. You are putting your child above everything under the most difficult of circumstances. 

Through this article, we will discuss ways to deal with these emotions post-adoption. There are a variety of resources presented to you, to help you navigate these feelings. You are human and most of all you have an unconditional love for your child that is like no other. 

Adoption Choices of Nevada is here to ensure that you are heard thoroughly. We want you to overcome these overwhelming feelings because your decision has benefited your child and the adoptive family. Your decision to choose an adoption plan has benefited many people through this process. 

A Guide to Navigating Your Life Post Adoption

Recognizing your emotions is the best start. You may be feeling emotions that are often hidden. Your feelings of relief or sadness do not mean you are a bad mother or regret your decision. Take time with yourself to understand why you feel this way. Put yourself first in this situation by genuinely listening to your heart. It is essential to dissect your emotions and understand their source. 

You are a mother. You always will be. Giving up your baby for adoption is a challenging task. It is a hard and emotionally heavy process. Be sure to check in with yourself during the adoption journey about why these feelings arise. 

Finding Support Through Counseling

After the conclusion of the adoption process, allow yourself the time to grieve. Let out your tears and emotions. Make a space for your sadness or your relief to speak to you. Writing in a journal or talking to a friend can be an excellent place for you to be heard. Another great source is counseling that will be provided for you here at Adoption Choices of Nevada

This is the ability to let it all out and make you feel seen and validated. We want to support you entirely during and after this journey. It is a huge change and something that will take some getting used to. 

Try to find positivity through it all. You are a powerful human being. As a birth mother, you have made a decision that demands heightened emotions. It can be challenging to navigate, but trying to find the reasons as to why you chose adoption can help. Choosing the adoption will benefit you in the long run. It is something that was thought out and ended up benefiting the future and stability of your baby. 

Finding the Reasons to Accept the Adoption Process

Choosing adoption is not a closing chapter to your future as a mother. It also does not close out a chapter of potentially starting a family in the future. You have every right to choose to have a family in the future. Just because you may have had an unplanned pregnancy doesn’t mean you can’t have a planned one in the future. Adoption in 

Nevada provides the understanding of how to put a child up for adoption, so you are not going into this head first. You thought out this pregnant adoption and have made the best decision for your baby. It is okay to feel upset, and it is okay to feel relieved. These emotions do not dictate whether or not you are a bad mother. The only thing they dictate is your humanness. 

Choosing An Open Adoption

If you decide to choose an open adoption, you may still have contact with your child. You won’t ever see them again, and building a relationship is still possible. Choosing an open adoption may benefit your mental health in still feeling like you have a connection with your child. Adoption agencies in Nevada will remind you that your life does not stop at the adoption process. 

You still have a whole life filled with endless possibilities ahead of you. Your desire to have another child or build a family is still prevalent and deserving. Remember that you are courageous. Grief is a process. Through the process of adoption in Nevada, you will be reminded of these powerful sentiments. Not only are they true, but it has already spoken for themselves through your courageous decision to choose adoption.