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To promote a healthy pregnancy, it’s important to begin prenatal care early on. During doctor visits, your physician will check the health of both you and the baby. The exams and screenings also help detect potential problems. If any are identified, your doctor can begin treatment to address them and prevent further complications. At Adoption Choices of Nevada, we are committed to helping you get the prenatal care you need. That is why we partner with health care providers in Reno and the surrounding areas to ensure you receive regular check-ups throughout your pregnancy.

What Happens at a Prenatal Check-Up?

During a prenatal check-up, the doctor will run various exams, screenings, and tests to ensure you and the baby are healthy.

Depending on the stage of your pregnancy, your prenatal check-up can include:

Pregnancy might also require a lifestyle change, and during a prenatal check-up, your doctor will go over nutrition and exercise guidelines. Eating right and remaining physically active during your pregnancy can help with a healthy birth and post-delivery recovery.

Your doctor will also be there to provide you with answers to your questions about your pregnancy. They will discuss the birthing process and what to expect during delivery.

Developing a Birth Plan or Hospital Plan

Just as focusing on the health of you and the baby is important during pregnancy, so is deciding on how you want the actual delivery to go. A birthing plan allows you to express your wishes about how and where you give birth and who’s present during the delivery. Although the birth of your baby happens months after you become pregnant, thinking about it early on can help ensure you are comfortable at delivery.

Some things you might consider when developing a birthing plan include:

Ultimately, the final decision about your delivery is yours alone, but our adoption consultants can go over your options and help develop a plan that expresses your wants and needs.

Providing Compassionate Support

At Adoption Choices of Nevada, our focus is on ensuring you and your baby get the medical care you need during and after pregnancy. When you’re going through the adoption process, we’ll provide caring guidance throughout. 

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