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Misconceptions About Adoption in Vegas Nevada 

Each birth parent’s journey in the adoption process will be different in certain aspects. Those who choose adoption come from a variety of situations and circumstances that lead them to that decision. Despite those facts, there are still several myths about adoption that persist today. People on the outside often think these myths apply to everyone who goes through it, which isn’t true. Many of these misconceptions about adoption in Vegas Nevada are very harmful and often give people an excuse to cast judgment. While others might be deciding on going through the process but are in the dark about what it’s like. That’s why at Adoption Choices of Nevada, we are going to clear up the misconceptions about adoption.

5 Misconceptions about Adoption in Vegas Nevada

Vegas Adoption is the Easy Way Out

People on the outside look at adoption and see an easy way out of the responsibilities of being a parent. This is a very harmful myth. It allows adoption to be misinterpreted as a simple and easy process that isn’t thought about more than once. Adoption isn’t simply a way out for birth mothers to not raise their children. The process can be long and stressful. Many aspects must be carefully thought out and executed. It can be an emotionally tough process to go through as well. Adoption is also not a second choice or a backup plan. It’s a way to create a fulfilling family whether they can have biological children or otherwise. Many adopt even when they have children of their own. Many might feel this way because phrases like “you’re giving a baby up for adoption” have been used too often.

All Vegas Birth Mothers are Teens

There’s a common myth that the women who choose adoption are more often irresponsible teenage girls. Many believe teenagers make up the entire demographic of birth mothers in adoption. While there is a portion of teen moms who also need pregnancy adoption help, they are not the majority. Many pregnant women choose the option of giving up a child for adoption as adults and for different reasons. They might experience an unexpected pregnancy when they already have a child and can’t afford to raise them both. Regardless of the situation, birth parents are very diverse in adoption.

Birth Parents always Choose Closed Adoption

Closed adoptions are a type of adoption where the birth parents and child don’t meet or connect. That might seem tough however, each birth mother has her reasons for choosing this in her adoption plan. In truth, most adoptions are open. This means the birth parent and child can have a connection after post-placement. Some birth parents find having a bond with their child as a way to emotionally heal. The initial separation can be hard to cope with. So having that connection can help ease that. Many birth mothers find that open adoption reaps a better life for them. It means they don’t have to leave their child behind.

Only Certain Kinds of Adoptive Families can Adopt in Vegas Nevada

Those on the outside have this idea that all adoptive families must have a particular look to adopt. They might think the families need to be a couple, or wealthy or heterosexual to choose adoption in Nevada. Adoption agencies don’t look for picture-perfect families or families of a certain demographic for adoption. When it comes to adoption in Nevada, Adoptive families can look like anything and can be anyone, regardless of status. There are single-family adoptive parents, LGBTQ adoptive parents, and transracial adoptive families out there eagerly wishing to adopt.

Vegas Adoptive Parents Are Not as Good as Birth Parents

Biology isn’t always what makes a family a family. The love that parents and children have for each other better bonds them together as a family more than DNA. However, many consider that to be a real parent, you must be directly related to the child. Adopted parents are often dismissed and overlooked because of this Misconception. Adopted parents have just as much capability of being great parents to their adopted child as a birth parent. Realness in a family should be defined by how much they care for and about each other and the strength of their bond. Adoptive parents can be attentive and nurturing and most importantly, very loving.

Learn More About Adoption from Adoption Choices of Nevada

As we said before, these myths do much more harm than good. It’s our mission at Adoption Choices of Nevada to not only provide adoption care but also educate others about it. The more people will understand adoption. Then more people will hopefully be less reluctant to investigate it as adoption.

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