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Top 5 Misconceptions About Birth Fathers in Reno

By River Jean-Noel

When we think of adoption, a lot of biased opinions can come to mind. There are lots of media and social prejudices that circulate certain ideas about people who choose adoption. These ideas often perpetuate misconceptions about birth mothers but can also include misconceptions about birth fathers as well. 

Adoption is a hard choice for birth parents to consider, so it’s important to dispel misconceptions as much as possible. If you are a birth mother or birth father worried that you will be judged during the adoption process, remember that reputable adoption agencies like Adoption Choices of Nevada have supportive staff who will never make assumptions about you. 

5 Misconceptions About Birth Fathers

Misconceptions are ideas you may have about something that is not true. Misconceptions about birth fathers tend to be very negative and belittling. Remember that these notions are harmful to everyone in the adoption process and cause the development of stigma surrounding adoption. Below we’ll discuss five common misconceptions about birth fathers, why they are untrue, and how they can be harmful. 

1) Birth Fathers Abandon Their Child

One of the most common misconceptions about birth fathers is that they choose to abandon their children. People often think that birth fathers simply don’t want to raise a child and leave the birth mother to choose adoption as an “easy way out.” This is a harmful misconception to have, as neither birth parent is abandoning their child when they choose to create an adoption plan

When birth parents give up a baby for adoption, they desire to find a loving home for the baby. This decision is made after a lot of deliberation from both parents, with the child’s future in mind.

2) Birth Fathers Aren’t A Part of the Adoption Process

It’s important to acknowledge that not every person is the same. The idea that birth fathers aren’t a part of the adoption process is a generalization that doesn’t take into account individual differences.

Not all birth fathers leave the adoption process to be handled by their partner. If a birth father wants to be a part of the adoption process, he definitely can! Adoption agency personnel will be happy to welcome and include birth fathers as well. 

3) Birth Fathers Don’t Care About Having Contact With Their Child

Open, semi-open, and closed adoption are all real choices for adoption plans. Birth parents are free to choose the adoption types that best fit their comfort. Keeping this in mind, it’s very harmful to assume that birth fathers don’t care to have contact with their child. 

With various adoption plans available, a birth father may find it beneficial to choose open adoption to stay connected with his child. 

Another perspective to consider is the lack of information. Some birth fathers may not be actively choosing not to have contact; it’s possible that he is unaware of the options.

As birth parents seeking to place their child for adoption in Nevada, you have access to Adoption Choices of Nevada as a resource for information.  Adoption counselors will be happy to educate on the types of adoption plans so that birth fathers and mothers have the option to stay in contact with their child.

4) Birth Fathers Are Unsupportive

A lot of people have the idea that birth fathers are unsupportive. This prejudice leads many to believe that birth fathers are absent in the adoption process. Also, they think birth fathers don’t provide any support to the birth mother. Although this can be true in some cases, having this generalized misconception enforces the idea that birth mothers are all single mothers as well. 

A misconception like this has a snowball effect and leads to a list of prejudices that ultimately result in adoption being viewed negatively. Not all birth fathers are unsupportive. 

However, if you are a birth mother who is pregnant and considering adoption and your child’s birth father is unsupportive, we can provide pregnancy adoption help. Adoption Choices of Nevada is equipped with resources to provide assistance with financial help/living expenses. 

5) Birth Fathers Don’t Feel Shame or Guilt About Making an Adoption Plan

It’s often believed that birth fathers are less capable of being emotionally connected to their children. In the case of adoption, it’s a misconception to think that a birth father doesn’t experience the same guilt, shame, or regret when giving up a child for adoption. Birth fathers can be filled with the same emotions, especially if they want to keep the baby but circumstances don’t allow for raising a child. 

Adoption Choices of Nevada is a Judgment Free Zone to Create Your Adoption Plan

Hearing negative assumptions about birth fathers can be very discouraging. These ideas further stigmatize adoption. Misconceptions like these can also affect people’s opinion of birth mothers. 

When a woman is looking into giving a baby up for adoption, she needs a lot of support and no judgment. All those prejudices put a lot more pressure on her emotionally. 

If you are a Nevadan woman in Reno looking for adoption centers near you, look no further than Adoption Choices of Nevada. We have adoption center locations in Reno where you can go to get help with your adoption planning. Feel free to call or text at any time; we’re available 24/7, judgment (and toll!) free.