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Misconceptions About Birth Fathers in Las Vegas

By Nicole Cunningham

Adoption can have many different misconceptions about the process, and adoption in Nevada is not any different. These misconceptions about birth fathers are usually formed around the different processes and the birth fathers’ involvement. Giving a baby up for adoption can be difficult, and without all the right information, the adoption process can seem more stressful. However, with the help of Adoption Choices of Nevada, we can help ease your mind and provide you with all the correct information that you need to answer all the questions you may have. 

When thinking about your Nevada adoption choices, have you ever wondered about the birth father’s role in the adoption process? There is a lot of information about adoption and the process you go through when giving up your baby for adoption. Common misconceptions about birth fathers can get thrown around. There are real choices for adoption that you have to consider.

Birth fathers do not always get the support that they need through the adoption process. Most of the focus on the adoption is put on the birth mother, leaving the birth father’s emotions and feelings forgotten about sometimes. This could be what leads to the misconceptions that we all hear about. We want to be able to help you understand the different misconceptions. The birth father’s role in the adoption process is just as important as the birth mother’s. We want to give them the recognition that they deserve by understanding the truth behind these misconceptions. Below are four misconceptions and the truth about birth fathers.

Are Birth Fathers Involved in the Adoption Process?

The first misconception is that the birth father is not involved in the adoption process. This is not completely true; some birth fathers are absent during the adoption process. There are plenty of birth fathers who can be incredibly involved in the adoption process. They are there to provide support to the birth mother. The birth father does not always have the support he needs during this process. Sometimes their feelings are not seen as valuable to the birth mothers, but they are just as important and just as involved in the process.

Do I Need the Birth Father’s Consent to Place Baby for Adoption?

Secondly, birth mothers do not need the birth father’s consent when placing the baby for adoption. When actually, the birth father would have to fill out the paperwork, terminating his parental rights to the child and giving his consent for the baby to be placed for adoption. There are unique circumstances where this may not be possible because he may refuse to give consent or the birth mother does not know who the birth father is.

Are Birth Father’s Selfish for Choosing Adoption

Thirdly, birth fathers terminating their rights to their child is selfish. When a birth father terminates his rights to the child, it allows the adoptive parents to be the legal guardians of the child. This is one of the most selfless things a birth father can do. He is supporting the decision for the baby to grow up with the adoptive parents. By terminating his rights, he is showing his support to the birth mother and allowing the process to run with more ease.

Is Open Adoption an Option for Birth Fathers?

Lastly, the birth father has access to the child after adoption. Now, this could vary based on the type of adoption that took place at the time the child was adopted. If the adoption was open and the birth father and adoptive parents properly talked and came to an agreement, there may have been minimal participation. But in the case of closed adoption, the court would have declared him to be no longer the child’s parent, allowing for little to no interaction.

Adoption Information with Adoption Choices

There is always different information out there that can make it confusing to know the right answer to your questions regarding the birth father. However, getting a better understanding of the different misconceptions and the truth about them will help you be more informed about the birth father’s role in the adoption Las Vegas process. At Adoption Choices of Nevada, we are here to help you with any questions that you may have, including pregnancy adoption help

If you are considering adoption and still have more questions about the process, please feel free to give us a call.