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By Adoption Choices of Nevada

Misconceptions about Birth Mothers in Nevada

By Jacob LaBau

Birth mothers often fall victim to stereotypes from family members and friends that dehumanize them. The stereotypes are outdated and wrong, so do not worry about what other people think about you! Adoption Choices of Nevada supports your decision, no matter what it might be! After successfully navigating through the adoption plan, you will have no regrets. Your child will be in the hands of a safe and loving family, and you may feel a sense of achievement. Adoption can be tricky and even more difficult while being berated by hateful comments that are untrue. Here are some common misconceptions about birth mothers in Nevada.

Common Birth Mother Misconceptions

Adoption Choices of Nevada wants to preface by saying that all the misconceptions cannot be further from the truth. Adoption is and will always be done out of pure love for your child. We offer non-judgmental, no-pressure adoption assistance and help for women in all stages of pregnancy! If you want to put your child up for adoption, we can help you every step of the way!

Some common misconceptions about birth mothers who pursue adoption in Nevada include but are not limited to:

  • They do not love their children
  • Birth mothers are selfish for “giving” away their children
  • They do not care about their child after it is with the adoptive family
  • Birth mothers struggle with substance abuse

Birth Mothers do not Love Their Children

This misconception is not true at all. Birth mothers who choose adoption for their child do so out of pure love. Some birth mothers do not have the proper financial resources, mental health, or support from their families to raise a child. Circumstances change depending on the birth mother’s livelihood. Any reason that makes you think that you cannot raise your future baby is a valid reason. Remember, adoption is not only an alternative to raising your child but a respectable choice. Adoption Choices of Nevada offers counseling and emotional support groups. These emotional support options can reinforce your eternal love for your child. The beginning stages of adoption are the toughest parts and can be very emotionally demanding. Find out how to get started by learning about adoption in Nevada and what we can do for you!

 Birth Mothers are Selfish for “Giving” Away Their Children

Giving up a child for adoption does not mean you do not care. The phrases “giving up” or “giving away” are negative connotations for saying you are doing what is best for your child! Choosing adoption is the most challenging thing a birth mother can do and may be the best possible option for your child. An unexpected pregnancy may leave you confused about your next move. We understand how badly you want to traverse different avenues of life with your future child. Sometimes, it is just not in the cards. The most selfish thing you could do is to raise your future child knowing you cannot give them the childhood they deserve.

If you are currently facing an unplanned pregnancy and are considering adoption, Adoption Choices of Nevada will help you. Adoption costs nothing for a birth mother. But, if you need extra financial assistance, we have your back. Some examples of financial assistance include housing, utility/rent, and groceries. Navigate to Adoption Choices of Nevada to find out what else is in store for your potential adoption journey!

Birth Mothers Do Not Care about Their Child Post-Placement

Almost every single birth mother desires an open adoption with the adoptive family. They want to know how their child is doing, even more so than the adoptive family usually lets them. In recent years, however, adoptive families have been more and more willing to pursue an open adoption with the birth mother. Open adoptions can be healthy for the birth mother but, more importantly, healthy for your future baby. There are so many things you can do within an open adoption! You can request photos/videos be sent to you, require physical meetups between you and the child, and demand frequent visits with the adoptive parents. Always keep in mind that you are the one in the driver’s seat. If an adoptive family does not want an open adoption, try not to worry. There are hundreds of adoptive families waiting to meet you. Adoption Choices of Nevada will coordinate all meetings at the request of the birth mother. Harness that motherly power and think about pursuing adoption in Las Vegas.

All Birth Mothers Suffer from Substance Abuse

Just because you chose adoption for your child does not mean you are struggling with substance abuse. However, if you are struggling with substance abuse, contact Adoption Choices of Nevada for immediate assistance. There are dozens of reasons for a birth mother to choose adoption for her future baby. Some birth mothers just want to make an adoptive family’s dreams come true by providing them with a child of their own. Forget about unfair stereotypes and choose to create an adoption plan today!

Proving The Birth Mother’s Misconceptions Wrong

Show the haters that you love your future baby with all your heart. You are not selfish as some people make you out to be, and you do care about your child post-placement. Some birth mothers do struggle with substance abuse, but that does not mean all birth mothers do. The best way to prove the haters wrong is by letting your actions speak louder than your words. And the first step of action is creating an adoption plan. If you are a birth mother facing an unexpected pregnancy and would like more information about adoption, you are in the right place. 

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