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By Adoption Choices of Nevada

Modern Adoption Practices vs the Past

By Shamani Salahuddin

Adoption used to be shameful for women who had unplanned pregnancies. Many saw pregnant mothers who considered adoption as “getting rid of their children.” It wasn’t until 1851 that adoption took a modern turn. As a birth mother considering adoption in Nevada, it is vital to understand the modernization of the adoption process to know what support and resources are available. In this article we will discuss modern adoption practices vs the past.

The Nevada Adoption Process

The adoption process is a step-by-step process that birth mothers follow throughout their adoption journey. It includes choosing who will adopt your baby to the post-placement agreement and support.

At Adoption Choices of Nevada, we utilize a five-step adoption process for birth mothers giving their baby up for adoption. First, our adoption process begins with contacting a local office, where you will connect with a professional adoption counselor. Call any time of day; while our focus is providing adoption as a real choice for women, we will discuss all your pregnancy options.

If you decide adoption is right for you, you will meet with an adoption counselor to make an adoption plan. Your adoption plan will describe the type of adoption, the birth plan, and post-placement support. When choosing an adoptive family, you will view family profiles depending on your preferences. Adoption Choices of Nevada narrows down profiles based on these preferences.

After creating the adoption plan, all that is left to do is complete it. Your adoption counselor will provide financial assistance, medical care, and counseling services. Your adoption agency will help facilitate communication between the adoptive family and the birth mother throughout pregnancy and after delivery.

Changes in the Adoption Process Throughout the Years

Twenty years ago, having an unwanted pregnancy was very stigmatized, so giving a baby up for adoption at birth was very stigmatized. Movies and television showed that teen or disadvantaged pregnancy results in adoption. Giving up a child for adoption used to be a big deal as it affected the reputation of birth mothers. So women who searched for pregnancy adoption help often did so in secret. Closed adoptions were more common during this time. It was rare for mothers to give a baby away at birth and maintain a relationship. In today’s society, adoption is familiar for unplanned pregnancies and not something to be ashamed of.    

In the past, birth mothers did not have a connection with the adoption agency that they do today. Adoption Choices of Nevada is proud to be the support and resource for birth mothers they did not have in the past, and transparency is a big part. Today’s modern adoption practices emphasize openness between birth mothers, counselors, and adoptive families. While closed adoptions were widespread in the past, more birth parents consider open adoptions because they see the benefits for their child.

Is Adoption Still Considered Shocking?

As a woman facing unplanned pregnancy, you may be thinking, Can I give my baby away at birth? Can I choose adoption after the baby is born? Is last-minute adoption acceptable for my baby? To put it briefly, yes. Whatever you decide in an unexpected pregnancy is okay, and you don’t need approval from others to validate that.  

As adoption has evolved, so have people’s opinions about adoption. As a birth mother putting a baby up for adoption after delivery, worrying about what others may think of you can be stressful. Adoption is now more celebrated than scandalous like it used to be. Choosing adoption in Las Vegas is a brave decision for a birth mother as they are taking the steps for their baby to have the best future. This courage is evident to many people that adoption is a process with the child’s best interest at heart.        

Adoption Services Provided Today That Weren’t Available Before

When a pregnant woman considering adoption visits our adoption center, we present all her options for unplanned pregnancy. These options include keeping the baby, parenting, along with adoption. Before the modernization of adoption, society expected women to keep the baby no matter the circumstances. But Las Vegas adoption agencies want women to feel confident in their choices and not limited.

Once pregnant women choose Adoption Choices, they create an adoption plan with an adoption counselor. An adoption plan is a personalized arrangement for the birth mother to fit her needs. We include many of our services and resources in the adoption plan to assist to the best ability.

As stated before, birth mothers didn’t develop connections with adoption agencies in the past. Now, Adoption Choices of Nevada aims to be in contact as much as possible. We learn about who you are, your goals for adoption, and the necessary details about your situation to serve you best. Despite your needs, Adoption Choices of Nevada provides free financial services and counseling. Past adoption practices did not cater to the birth mother but focused assistance on the prospective parents.

Adoption Choices of Nevada is Present and Here to Stay Focusing on Modern Adoption Practices

Although, historically, a woman’s right to adoption has not always been understood, it most certainly has been valid. Birth mothers felt shame in unwanted pregnancy and adoption. At Adoption Choices of Nevada, we lift up birth mothers with the mission to say, “You are not alone.” If you are pregnant and considering adoption, contact Adoption Choices of Nevada today to receive the best in adoption services.