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It’s Mother’s Day! But in a time of having to social distance from one another, you can’t go out to dinner. So, in what way can you celebrate your mom on this special day? Adoption and Surrogacy Choices of Reno has the answer – movies! Huddle up on the couch and have a movie marathon. Now begs the question, what movies should you watch?

Here’s a list of Mother’s Day movies!

Mamma Mia!

A classic for those who love musicals. It shows the struggle of Sophie wanting to know her dad while her mother is trying to make her wedding perfect. It shows that life isn’t always perfect between a mother and daughter. Though, despite everything, a mother’s love is always present. It’s a great way to add some comedy to your life, too. Plus, it features Meryl Streep, who is trying to keep everything going despite the craziness of having three of her ex-lovers show up. Mama Mia is a great sing-along movie, one you won’t regret!

Mother’s Day

Probably the best movie for Mother’s Day – as it’s right in the title! This movie is a rom-com and traces the lives of four families leading up to Mother’s Day. It’s a good movie that shows, despite life’s craziness, how we can come together and create fun memories with our mothers, the truly valued and cherished women in our lives. After all, at the end of the day, who knows best if not mom?

Julia & Julia 

An amazing movie following two lives. One follows the amazing Julia Child, who is played by Meryl Streep. The other follows Julie Powell. This movie is a journey of self-discovery, a how-to cooking guide that showcases life’s meaning – that nothing is perfect after all! It is a great movie to watch as it shows the struggles you often find yourself in but also the joys of learning new things.

Because I Said So

Another rom-com on the list, but one that will have you and your mother laughing the whole way through it. Diane Keaton plays a mother of three daughters, one of whom she’s playing match-maker for. She wants her youngest to have the perfect husband. But is there such a thing? Watch this movie to find out, and enjoy a special bonding experience with your mother as you do so.

Bad Moms

This movie doesn’t skimp on the real daily lives of mothers. It follows three moms just trying to keep their lives together, which is a harder than most think. During the movie, the three mothers face a battle with the PTA mothers, defending their rights as mothers. Life is hard, and it is okay to be a “bad mom,” which means having a drink at the end of the day or just sleeping wherever you happen to end up. This movie is sure to make you appreciate your mother even more!

Cheaper by the Dozen 

This was one of the first movies to showcase the life of a giant family. It follows a mother who has to leave her husband to raise twelve kids who don’t always get along. It shows the sacrifices one has to make as a parent sometimes. Sometimes that means moving to the middle of nowhere or making messes and hoping for the best. It really does show how strong a parent’s love is and that nothing is impossible when it comes to loving someone. It isn’t always easy being a parent, but it is always rewarding.


A movie for the millennial mother-daughters out there. In this new world of technology and fast pace action, it can be hard to connect with your mother. It is almost like two different worlds. Ladybird shows a senior in high school connecting with her headstrong, but loving, mother. A mother’s love shows that, no matter the pitfalls and drama, things will get better. Sometimes you just need a hug from your mother.

Guilt Trip

Here’s a great pick for sons and mothers to watch together. This follows the story of a mother and son on a road trip. A cross country road trip at that! There is a lot to work through with this duo, but they learn to understand each other. Sometimes connecting is hard, after all. It doesn’t mean it can’t be done though. Boys just need a little reminding sometimes that, despite everything, mothers do know a thing or two.

Ricki and the Flash

This one follows, once again, the amazing Meryl Streep on an adventure to bond with her daughter. Her actual daughter plays the daughter in the movie, too! After her daughter suffers a breakdown after a breakup, the mother has to find a way back to her family. She wanted to be a rockstar but must now find a way to form bonds she missed out on. It isn’t an easy road to be on, but it is one that’s filled with learning. Learning and amazing acting from the pair is what you get to see on screen.

Mother’s Day Movies 

These are just some of the amazing movies out there. Honorable mentions are Room, The Sound of Music, Grey Gardens, Freaky Friday, The Color Purple, and Steel Magnolias. The last two are going to be tear-jerkes, so make sure you have tissues.

No matter where you are in the world, you can enjoy movies with your mother. Grab some popcorn, and put on one of the movies we’ve listed above. Cuddle up in a blanket and enjoy being able to enjoy something together. While we are all social distancing, it can be hard to be apart from our mothers. If that’s the case for you, cuddle up with your mother virtually. That way you can still enjoy a movie together.

Don’t forget to tell mom you love her, too!

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