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By Adoption Choices of Nevada

My Reno Adoption Story

By Connesha Chambers 

After taking my third at-home pregnancy test, I’ve finally accepted the truth: I’m actually pregnant. Instantly, I was filled with so many emotions. The first to consume me is fear. What am I supposed to do now? Can I raise a baby? I’m not in a place in my life to raise a child! After the panic finally subsided, I started to really think about my options. Eventually, turning to the internet, I came across many adoption agencies that offered different options. From here, I found the perfect agency that was ready and willing to help me along my adoption journey. I was starting from ground zero, facing an unplanned pregnancy, and needed specialists to teach me about my options and help me discover which option best suited me. 

My Struggle of Discovering Adoption

As I learned of my pregnancy and fought through the wave of fear, I realized it was only just beginning. I knew I did not have the mental or financial stability to raise a child. I was also looking toward the life of being a single mother. Unfortunately, I was facing an unplanned pregnancy and I was all alone. I was no longer seeing the father of my child and had no living relatives to guide me through the highs and lows of pregnancy. I wanted the best for my baby, a love growing inside of me with just the thought. Still, I was afraid to commit to placing my baby for adoption.

So, I went through the first four months of my pregnancy on an ever-revolving roller coaster of emotions. I was sometimes consumed by the fear of our future and other days wondering if I would later regret my decision. I often found myself asking the internet, “how to put a child up for adoption?” but immediately closed my laptop, refusing to ever look at the search results. 

Selecting My Adoption Agency 

As my belly grew and I began to love the bundle of joy I was growing, I was finally ready to find an adoption agency despite being afraid of the judgment of others. But, I knew the best life for my child would be with a family that could give them the life they deserved. As I searched for resources for adoption in Nevada, I knew I needed someone to help me throughout the adoption process.

After contacting an adoption specialist at Adoption Choices of Nevada, I began to learn of all my options and was overwhelmed with all of the new decisions I needed to make. After browsing their website, I realized that they could help me with a closed, semi-open, or open adoption. This option of a semi-open adoption was new to me as I‘d never read about it before. Yet, this option appealed to me the most. I wanted to be sure my baby was being well taken care of without interfering in their life. Finally, I was ready to create my adoption plan.

My Adoption Plan

After deciding on an open adoption, I completed the next steps of my adoption process by meeting with an adoption specialist. My specialist helped me make an adoption plan. I also learned about post-placement options and the type of control I had over my baby’s adoptive family. Throughout the process, I hoped to be able to ensure my baby was placed in a loving family. Adoption Choices of Nevada made sure I was comfortable and happy with all of the choices I made for myself and my child.

After I was matched with the perfect family, we began to talk throughout the remainder of my pregnancy. As my due date became closer, I was more than comfortable with my decisions. After my baby was born, her family and I continued to communicate through letters and photographs. I see her surrounded with love and support and am so happy I made the decision to allow Adoption Choices of Nevada to help me throughout my adoption journey. 

If you are reading this and looking into adoption agencies in Las Vegas, please allow my story to motivate you. The specialists at Adoption Choices of Nevada want what’s best for you and your child!