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Navigating a Last Minute Adoption as a Birth Mother

Navigating a Last Minute Adoption as a Birth Mother

During pregnancy, a pregnant woman may not always have a plan for her baby after he or she is born. With pregnancy having its own obstacles to face, the concept of motherhood may not yet be fully comprehended, thus the putting of future prospects on hold. During the pregnancy process, a pregnant woman may not even be sure if she will raise her baby or place him or her for adoption. Even if the birth mother did have a plan to raise the child herself, certain circumstances may lead to a last minute adoption, close before or after her child’s birth.

Wherever you are in the pregnancy process, we hear your concerns as you try to understand what would be best for you and your baby. The idea of a last minute adoption may sound troublesome, but, Adoption Choices of Nevada will make it as easy as possible. Our adoption agency is fully prepared for short-noticed decisions and will treat them with delicacy as we do for every client. Navigating a last minute adoption as a birth mother at our adoption agency will be an experience that, once finished, will leave you in complete confidence for your child’s new life.

What is a Last Minute Adoption?

A last minute adoption entails a change in decision to place a child up for adoption close to or after his or her birth. A short-noticed decision involving a last minute adoption is not an uncommon circumstance for a birth mother. Personal inconveniences such as finances, medical conditions or lack of support may sway a birth mother towards placing her baby for adoption.

As spur-of-the-moment as it may seem, concerns regarding a child’s future may have already been circulating in a birth mother’s mind, long before she made the decision for an adoption. Here at Adoption Choices of Nevada, we will help you navigate a last minute adoption with sufficient care and guidance.,While, we hope you never have to experience the discomfort of changing plans on such short notice, which is why we encourage all of our birth mothers to keep our adoption agency in mind during pregnancy. Staying well informed about our services can better prepare any birth mother who believes a last minute adoption may occur.

Who do I Talk to for a Last Minute Adoption?

Just like every adoption process, your questions will be directed to an adoption caseworker from our adoption agency. Here, you will be well informed about the general details of adoption itself. Generally, a last minute adoption will be taking place in the hospital, where your baby was born. Here, you will still be able to communicate with your case worker as you decide which waiting family will be best for your child. 

The attention you will receive during the adoption process will be identical to any other of our clients. You also won’t have to worry about if you will be able to find a home for your child.. Our adoption agency has many families already waiting for their future child. Just because families are waiting to be selected and you are in the midst of a last minute adoption, doesn’t mean you will be sidelined on the decisions being made. You, as the birth mother, are still the key decision-maker for what will be best for your baby.

How will I Feel during a Last Minute Adoption?

The emotions to expect during a last minute adoption has a tendency to be unwanted and stressful. There is no denying that making such a bold move for both you and your baby, may bring on new anxiety. The final decision to find your baby a new home may be intense enough to bring your spirits down. After all, a last minute adoption is unlike any other. The drastic change in circumstances revolving around your new decision can become more overwhelming than the adoption itself.

We hope you are soothed with the assurance that you and your baby are just as important as the birth mothers who work with us during the months of pregnancy. If you are in the hospital when the adoption process is taking place, don’t think that your child will have to enter any forms of foster care due to your new decision. We will remain diligent to find your baby’s adoptive family so that he or she never experiences a moment without a loving parent.

Navigating a Last Minute Adoption as a Birth Mother

Your value as a birth mother is never diminished due to a last minute adoption. In fact, you are just as brave and strong as any other adoption case. As urgent as your case will appear, there is no need to worry about your child’s future. Our staff at Adoption Choices of Nevada is ready to join you on your sudden journey as a family awaits on the other side, excited to meet their new child.

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