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Navigating Adoption in Nevada When the Father is Unknown, Unsupportive, or Uninterested

By Brett Byll 

As a birth mother, you may be working through a difficult time if you have experienced an unplanned pregnancy. It might be even more stressful if the birth father is unavailable. This could be because the birth father is unknown, unsupportive, or uninterested. You should know your rights as a parent if the birth father’s paternity has not been legally acknowledged. If the birth father is unavailable in any of these ways, and you are not ready to parent, adoption in Nevada is a positive option to consider. If you need help figuring out how to put a baby up for adoption, Adoption Choices of Nevada can help you navigate this situation.

One of the best ways to get more information about the adoption process in Reno is by reaching out to adoption agencies. The specialists and professionals at Adoption Choices of Nevada are invested in helping you through your adoption journey. A professional will be able to help you with the next steps if the birth father is unknown, unsupportive, or uninterested.

In addition, by contacting adoption agencies, you may be able to take advantage of a number of resources. If the birth father is unsupportive, Adoption Choices of Nevada can help by offering financial support. This can be used to help pay for rent, groceries, and food for the baby. In addition, Adoption Choices of Nevada can support purchasing maternity clothes or paying for checkups with a doctor. If you need further support and are struggling with homelessness or domestic abuse, then please reach out. Specialists can help find you housing, medical care, and counseling services.

Navigating Adoption with an Unavailable Father

A birth father’s paternity can be an important factor in the adoption process. If the birth father cannot be reached through any means, then the adoption process will continue without them. An Acknowledgment of Paternity or AOP is the first step to a birth father’s rights. Identifying the birth father can be done using any information, documents, or evidence that the birth mother is able to provide. This will lead to attempting to contact the birth father. In the adoption process, there must be reasonable efforts made to locate the birth father.

Professionals at Adoption Choices of Nevada who understand Nevada adoption laws can help you with this. Reasonable efforts to locate the father might mean the use of public records or social media. In certain cases, some people use private investigators. It would be useful to talk these steps over with a professional to get the best idea of how to proceed. 

Notifying the Birth Father of an Adoption

If the father has been found, they must be notified about the adoption proceedings. Proper notification means letting them know about their rights and responsibilities as a birth father. Additionally, they will need to be told about the adoption process, and details about the child. The birth father can be notified personally or through certified mail. If the father is confirmed to be unknown, then a notice can be published. This can be done in the newspaper or other publications, although the process may be difficult. It’s important to recognize that notification by publication is a last resort method, and may take some time. After proving that you have made reasonable efforts to contact the birth father, you will have to file a request with a court. If the court approves, you will be allowed to notify by publication.

When notifying through a publication, you will need to include certain information. This notification will have to be legally clear. The information required in the notification will likely be: 

  • If possible, the name of the birth father
  • The name, or an alias, of the child, in the case of confidentiality
  • The fact that you have filed an adoption petition
  • Directions on how to respond or contest the adoption, and a deadline for the response.

Once you have published this notice, you will be given an affidavit of publication by the newspaper, proving that it was published. That affidavit will be filed into the adoption’s case file with the court. 

Continuing the Adoption Process as a Single Parent

After trying to contact and notify the birth father about their child’s adoption, you will be able to continue the adoption process without them. A birth father can also waive their parental rights, which allows the adoption process to go on without their involvement. If the birth father has not established paternity or has abandoned the child, their rights as a parent may be terminated. If they are found unfit to parent by a court, their rights as a father will be revoked.

It’s very important to get help from professionals that understand the details of the adoption process in Nevada. This is why Adoption Choices of Nevada would be a great choice if you are interested in adoption. If you would like a free consultation regarding anything from an unavailable father to picking out an adoption plan like open adoption, reach out. 

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Figuring out the best way to handle an unsupportive, unknown, or uninterested father is what professionals are ready for. Adoption agencies in Reno are also there If you want to know how to put a baby up for adoption, if you need help finding financial support, housing, medical care, and more. You can fill in your personal details on the Adoption Choices of Nevada website for the agency to contact you. Additionally, you can contact the agency through email, phone calls, or social media. If you have any more questions, please contact us today.