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By Adoption Choices of Nevada

Nevada Adoption Process: What to Expect as a Birth Mother in Nevada

If you are thinking about putting my baby up for adoption, you are probably wondering about the process involved as a birth mother. The entire Nevada adoption process is dependent on your caseworker who is meant to guide you through the choosing of your child’s family, being of aid to you with any issues you may have, and following up on how your child is progressing with their new family. Adoption Choices of Nevada is ready to help you through this time whether you are looking for an adoption agency in Reno or Las Vegas, Adoption Choices of Nevada is ready to help with any and all adoptions across the great state of Nevada.

Adoption Services: What To Expect as a Birth Mother When Placing Your Child Up For Adoption

Once you opt to place your baby up for adoption, you need to find an agency to support you during and after the adoption process. Adoption Choices of Nevada is a great adoption agency that will stay by your side and help in any way possible. We help provide resources for you such as financial, psychological, emotional, and medical support.

Adoption Choices of Nevada will provide a caseworker to oversee your needs throughout the adoption of your baby. If you do not have a place to stay, your caseworker will help you find a place to stay during your pregnancy and the postpartum period. Your caseworker can also arrange for transportation to any medical appointments and help you find ways to cover your medical expenses. If you cannot pay your rent, buy groceries, or pay utility bills, your caseworker can help you find funding for that during your pregnancy postpartum recovery.

Your caseworker is here to be your emotional support if you are without a support system during this time. However, if you do need more extensive counseling during and after your pregnancy, your caseworker can connect you with a psychiatrist or social worker, depending on what you need. For instance, if a birth mother is dealing with Postpartum Depression and may need more help than just talk therapy, her caseworker could put her in touch with a psychiatrist. It could be helpful to know a doctor with who your adoption agency may have a relationship with. This doctor may have experience treating postpartum mothers and mothers who had previously placed a child up for adoption.

Besides all of these amazing services, your caseworker looks out for you and your rights as a biological parent. They help you search for the family you want to raise your child, all while supporting you.

Child Adoption: Choosing The Family

One of your rights as a birth mother is deciding the type of adoption you wish to have for your child. Your caseworker helps you navigate the different types of adoptions, of which there are many: closed, open, semi-open, domestic, kinship, and the list goes on. Each type of adoption establishes who can adopt your child, how often you can receive updates about your child, and how much you can communicate with your child.

Families create profiles about themselves for you to look at before you meet any of them. If you do not want to be involved in choosing the family, your caseworker will represent you in this matter and choose for you. However, since you have the right to choose who and what type of people will adopt your baby, you are more than welcome to look through as many profiles as you wish until you find a few you would like to get to know more. Once you decide on a family you think is a good fit, your caseworker will set up an interview, which you are welcome to attend but do not have to. If the family does not seem like a good fit, you can meet other families. Ultimately, the choice is up to you, unless you waive that right.

As a birth mother, you can ask for any sort of family you’d like your child to be placed with. For example, if a birth mother wishes for a Jewish family to raise her baby since she is Jewish and wishes for her child to be raised in the Jewish faith, there is no reason this cannot happen.

When the family is chosen and the baby is born, depending on the state, birth mothers have a certain amount of time to change their minds about the adoption. In Nevada, birth mothers have seventy-two hours to change their minds about giving up their parental rights. Following this, your caseworker administers the final home study checks and interviews to be sure your child is in a safe, stable environment. Your caseworker will also be there to support you in your postpartum recovery, as previously stated. Even once the adoption process is finished, Adoption Choices of Nevada will always be here to support birth parents, adoptive families, and children.

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