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Home Study Prep: Know Who to Call?

Knowing who to call in the case of an emergency is very important. Emergency phone numbers can be posted on your fridge or programmed into your cell phone for quick and easy access. During the home study interviews, your social worker will ask you questions about your...

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Animals and Home Studies

Pet Allergies Pet allergy is a reaction to proteins found in animal’s skin cells, urine or saliva. This can be triggered by dead flakes of skin (dander) as a pet sheds. Any furry creature can be a source of pet allergy, but allergies are most commonly associated with...

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Gathering the Right Documentation for Home Studies

The amount of paperwork required for the home study can be overwhelming. Yet, the sooner everything is gathered and submitted, the quicker the home study portion of your adoption journey can be concluded. Following, we will highlight several items of documentation...

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Home Study Prep: In Case of Emergencies

It’s important to always be prepared no matter what, especially with children in the house. Thus, you should make sure to have a solid emergency plan in place. During the home study process, the social worker will ask about this, to see how prepared you are and if...

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Home Study State Requirements in Nevada

The home study is perhaps the most crucial part of the entire adoption process. It is required of all adoptions in the state of Nevada. As it requires a lot of paperwork, adoptive families are encouraged to begin gathering the necessary information as soon as they...

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Home Study 101

Preparing for a new family member is an exciting time for families who choose the route of adoption. There are applications to complete, interviews to undergo, and information to learn before, during and after the completion of the adoption process. The early stages...

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Birth Parent Questions for an Adoption Agency

It takes a strong individual to make the decision to place her child up for adoption. This decision can be made up before, during or after the child is born. One of the hardest, emotionally difficult decisions for a birth parent is opting to give up the right to act...

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Interstate Adoptions in Nevada

Hope your bags are packed! It’s time to hit the road! Why? Your new baby is about to be born. You've received the call and the green light to take the road trip that will change the rest of your life. In just a matter of hours or days, you'll get to meet your new son...

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Adoption Tax Credit 101

It’s that time of the year again -- tax season. I don’t know about you, but my email has been filling with messages from TurboTax and similar companies announcing this. In light of the government shut down, and the threat of another one, I made sure to file early. If...

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