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Preserving the Culture of Your Adopted Child

Parents of adopted children may adopt from different places around the globe, or in various parts of the United States. Depending on who we are, most of us come from various cultures and celebrate different heritages. Transracial adoption can be a big part of the...

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Crafting Your Adoption Budget

Discovering all the potential expenses that go into adoption can be overwhelming. For one, there is no set price. It varies greatly depending on the state and the specific adoption. There are many different kinds of expenses associated: legal, medical bills, travel,...

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Part 2: Dynamics of Sibling Relationships

The relationships created with siblings, adopted or unadopted, can create a positive and helpful environment for the children's development. There are different challenges that can come up for brothers and sisters. The following blog will discuss the different...

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The More You Know: Easing Home Study Anxiety

“Knowledge is Power.” -- Sir Francis Bacon Home Study anxiety is a known thing among prospective adoptive parents. The words all too often provoke sensations of dread and fear. However, the home study process itself is very beneficial. It is conducted by an adoption...

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Part 1: Q&A on Sibling Relationships

Over the years, I have gone through many highs and lows in my life with my own adoptive mother; but, what I did not realize during my low points was the possible impact of my relationship with my older, non-adopted brother. My adoptive mother had a son before adopting...

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Grants for Prospective Adoptive Parents

The adoption process can present a serious financial burden for prospective parents. It’s important to be aware of the many types of grants or loans that may be available to help with these costs and to understand the criteria for eligibility. The following blog will...

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Things to Say Instead to an Adoptee

“Language creates reality. Words have power. Speak always to create joy.” Deepak Chopra For an adoptee, being adopted is a lifelong process. There are ups and downs, and many things to process. There is no easy fix, and some aspects that never get truly fixed....

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Part 2: Gift Ideas for Birth Mothers

This is a continuation blog from part ones, “Gifts for Adoptive Parents.” The first part discusses gifts for the adoptees’ adoptive mother. Part two will discuss gift ideas for the birth mothers. Even as the holiday season wraps up, it’s important to remember that...

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