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November is National Adoption Month

You may not know this, but November is National Adoption Month. National Adoption Month, according to the Adoption Network, is “about spreading awareness.”National Adoption Month encourages people to learn about adoption, participate in adoption-related events, and recognize the people whose lives have been changed by adoption. At Adoption Choices of Nevada, we seek to educate the public about adoption and its benefits.

The History of National Adoption Month

In 1976, the current governor of Massachusetts, Mike Dukakis, instated Adoption Week. His goal was to increase awareness regarding the need for more adoptive families because of the “large number of children in the foster care system.” After Dukakis created Adoption Week in Massachusetts in 1984, the inaugural Adoption Week was created by President Gerald R. Ford. President Bill Clinton finally created Adoption Month in 1998. 

Who Participates in National Adoption Month

People from all over celebrate National Adoption Month in the United States. The goal of National Adoption Month is to honor adoption and the positive ways it impacts the adoptees’ and the adoptive families’ lives. Some organizations hold fundraisers or special dinners to recognize the positive influence NV adoption has on everyone involved. There is also National Adoption Day, which is held on the Saturday before Thanksgiving during the month of November. National Adoption Day is celebrated by the finalization of thousands of adoptions across the country. 

National Adoption Month is also a great way for adoptive families and adoptees to celebrate their adoption journey, especially if the child was adopted as a teenager. Sometimes colloquially called “Gotcha Day,” it’s the day the adoptive family “got” their new child. There’s no right or wrong way to celebrate National Adoption Day or Month; some people make it a big deal, while others decide it’s just another day. Some adoptees already feel alienated because of their adoptive status, which is perfectly normal. The point is for families to celebrate the way they feel is appropriate.     

Why Do We Celebrate National Adoption Month?

It may seem obvious to you why we celebrate National Adoption Month, but there are dozens of people who know nothing about it. As previously mentioned, National Adoption Month’s main goal is to increase awareness regarding adoption. People usually don’t care about an issue unless it directly affects them, so National Adoption Month is a great way to learn something new and possibly participate in a new cause. National Adoption Month also seeks to honor adoptive families and increase awareness of the thousands of children who are waiting to be adopted. 

How Can I Participate in National Adoption Month?

You may be wondering how you can partake in the Adoption Month Activities. There are a variety of events that are held during this month, whether you have been directly impacted by adoption or not. One of the main ways you can contribute to this cause is to spread awareness. Most people who aren’t directly impacted by adoption don’t know anything about Adoption Month or Day. Sharing stories or information is an easy way to inform others about Adoption Month and what the intent of the month is. You can share adoption stories or events on social media or volunteer your time to adoption organizations and events. 

Whether you are a family seeking to adopt or an individual seeking to give back, there is a way for everyone to participate in National Adoption Month. It’s as easy as sharing an article or going to an adoption fundraiser or event. What you do can be big or small as long as you do something. There are thousands of children waiting to be adopted, and with your help —really everyone’s help — we can decrease these numbers and give more children the opportunity to have a loving family. 

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