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Open Adoption With the Birth Father

By Chloe Taylor

Are you considering placing your child for adoption? Are you experiencing an unplanned pregnancy and are unsure how to navigate through the adoption process? At Adoption Choices of Nevada, we are ready to answer any questions you may have and provide support for both you, as the birth parent, and your child. If you are a birth father or birth mother considering adoption, reach out to an adoption agency in Reno. Adoption comes with making several decisions, including the adoption type and the adoptive family. Adoption agencies can guide you through the whole process of how to put your baby up for adoption.

Considering Open Adoption in Nevada

After choosing to place your child for adoption, you will be able to choose the type of adoption. Most birth parents prefer open adoption when the birth parents have open communication between the child and their adoptive parents. The adoptive family and the birth parents will know each other’s contact. Moreover, you will be able to make specific agreements and boundaries within open adoption based on your comfort level. But there are also semi-open and closed adoptions. Closed adoptions are void of any communication between birth parents, adoptive parents, and the child. They do not have each other’s contact information. Semi-open adoptions meet the other two adoption types in the middle. Semi-open adoptions allow for a mediator to communicate between the birth parents and the child. The mediator is typically an adoption agency, such as Adoption Choices of Nevada.

Connecting and Setting Boundaries in Open Adoption

Open adoptions allow for more communication and connection between a birth parent and their child. But with open adoptions, birth parents are able to connect and discuss communication agreements even before the birth of your child. Communicating your expectations and simply connecting with the adoptive parents will set the pace for success. With open communication, you can more freely have a relationship with your child. Your communication as a birth parent with your child can look like in-person visits and calls, receiving photos, and keeping in touch via social media with the adoptive family. Many birth parents with open adoptions consider exchanging letters with their child to keep a deeper connection. The way you will communicate with your child is your decision and based on how you want to communicate with your child in the future. 

Birth Father’s Role in Open Adoptions

In Nevada adoptions, birth fathers can play a major role in the adoption plan. Staying in your child’s life as a key role model can benefit them greatly. You will have the opportunity to create a meaningful relationship with your child and see them grow. You might feel unsure about how to navigate this path and remain a part of your child’s life. There are many benefits for open adoption but there are also some challenges. It will be important to maintain communication with the adoptive parents to build a continually positive relationship with them. The adoptive parents might worry about the child preferring the birth parents over them. They may want to limit contact. Therefore, make sure to establish clear boundaries and remain respectful to keep a positive relationship with all parties. 

Why Choose Open Adoption?

There are many benefits for you and your child with open adoption. For the child, they can grow up with a loving relationship between their adoptive parents and their birth parents. They will have a large support system. With a relationship with you, they will have the opportunity to know you and understand your decision of placing them up for adoption more clearly. 

As you see your child grow up in a loving and caring environment, you can more easily heal knowing the selfless decision you made. You may feel unready to take on all the parental roles but still want to have a relationship with and know your child. Open adoption allows for that relationship. It allows you to choose the communication level you are comfortable with. 

Discovering Open Adoption Resources in Reno

Are you unsure how to navigate the adoption process? Connect with an adoption agency. Here in Reno, Adoption Choices of Nevada is prepared and ready to help you. Our birth parent counselors will guide you through and after the adoption process in Nevada. Not only that, but we have both birth father and birth mother support groups we encourage you to reach out to. We strive to give both the birth parents, the child, and the adoptive family the best support necessary for the care of the child.