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By Adoption Choices of Nevada

Placing a Baby for Adoption as a Rape Victim in Reno

By Shamani Salahuddin

If you are a rape victim and have discovered you’re pregnant, it’s understandable to be confused about your pregnancy. You are not alone. Unfortunately, every 68 seconds, someone is sexually assaulted. This statistic is heartbreaking. However, you are not just a number. As a survivor of sexual assault, you know the trauma firsthand. While you feel your pregnancy is out of control, your adoption journey is not. 

You have the power to choose what you want for your pregnancy, and we are here to support you. You may feel there is nowhere to turn for help. Adoption Choices of Nevada supports you with all your adoption needs. 

You are in Control of Your Adoption in Nevada

Choosing adoption for your unplanned pregnancy is an excellent way to gain control of your situation. Although you weren’t in control of how you got pregnant, you are in control of what happens now. How can you trust adoption agencies in Nevada with your journey? 

At Adoption Choices of Nevada, our mission is to provide support and information to birth mothers. We do this by allowing you to decide on a personalized adoption plan. You will have the final say on the type of adoption you want and the family you want your baby to live with. Choosing adoption in Nevada also allows the choice of your delivery experience and any extra support you need. 

We’re Here to Help Every Step of the Adoption Process

Before getting into the details of your Nevada adoption, we focus on what you need. Every birth mother is different, and as a woman who survived sexual assault, your adoption will not be taken lightly. 

It is essential to talk to someone about what you’ve been through. And it is equally essential for that person to give wise advice. This is why we offer counseling for all birth mothers, not just ones of sexual assault. Pregnancy is already stressful without the added trauma, and at Adoption Choices of Nevada, we want to relieve some of that stress. Maybe you aren’t ready to talk about what happened, but we have counselors prepared to support you. They will be available no matter where you are in your pregnancy or recovery. As a birth mother, you bravely decided to give your baby up for adoption for you and your baby. And you deserve all the help you need. 

Suppose you worry about how an unexpected pregnancy will affect your finances; fear not. When you choose adoption in Reno, we will consider your current situation and provide financial support. This support can apply to rent, food, transportation, maternity clothing, and medical care. 

Planning your Adoption 

After contacting one of our local adoption agencies, we can start creating your unique adoption plan. The adoption plan covers your whole adoption process. You will work with an adoption specialist to discuss all your plan options. Some of your choices include ones previously discussed, financial and housing. 

Another option you have is the type of adoption you want to have. Open, semi-open, or closed adoption describes how much contact you want with the child after adoption. 

Choosing your preference for an adoptive family can be part of your options in your adoption plan. The family you would like your child to be part of can be determined by your opinion of them. Selecting the adoptive parents for your child isn’t a requirement, but many birth mothers decide to do this. Once you choose, your adoption caseworker will set up an in-person or virtual meeting. 

Everything down to your hospital experience at delivery is entirely up to you. You are the most crucial part of this plan, so help us ensure it’s one you love. 

Beginning a New Era Post-Adoption 

It is common for women who are victims of rape to see their babies as reminders of their experience. When you take this step forward by choosing adoption, we hope you can put some of that pain behind you. At Adoption Choices of Nevada, we know you’ll never entirely forget the trauma you experienced. That is why our counseling services are available beyond adoption. 

Adoption Choices will guide you through post-adoption, whether you want one-on-one therapy or to participate in a support group. 

If you are a survivor of rape and have discovered you are pregnant, contact Adoption Choices of Nevada today to speak with a birth parent counselor to understand all your unplanned pregnancy options.