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By Adoption Choices of Nevada

Planning a Reno Adoption from the Hospital

By Jordan Smith

If you are a woman who just gave birth to a newborn baby and are considering giving a baby up for adoption, you may be wondering if you could do the adoption from the hospital and who you would need to contact. The short answer is yes, you can do the adoption from the hospital, and included here will be provided necessary information about how to do so and who to contact. 

Adoption Choices of Nevada are here to support and guide you in every way we can, and that includes birth mothers who are looking for guidance after giving birth. Hospital adoptions are more common than one thinks, and Adoption Choices of Nevada can assist you in getting this adoption process started.

Who Would I Need to Contact to Get the Adoption Started?  

During your time at the hospital, you can contact us at Adoption Choices of Nevada, at which time you will speak to an adoption specialist. This conversation will consist of you and the specialist going over your options, and if adoption is then determined, your adoption plan will be formed. No one but you will determine anything that requires a decision to be made, and doing this will make for a positive outcome and adoption experience.

Adoption plans consist of your plan through your pregnancy to birth, ultimately including your birth plan. With you already giving birth, adoption agencies such as ours would then assist you in making your post-birth plan. Adoption Choices of Nevada is familiar with all timings of adoption plans, from the beginning of pregnancy to hospital adoptions. So we are very familiar with “last minute adoptions” and are here to support and guide you through it. The process of adoption can add stress and unwanted negative feelings and emotions, and this is why the support offered does not end at the hospital. Post-placement counseling is offered to all of our birth mothers, so full disclosure, we are here to help you in a positive way.

How Does the Hospital Adoption Plan Work?  

The first thing that your adoption specialist will help you establish for your adoption plan is what type of adoption you will want. Doing this will determine the amount of privacy you will want and how much, if at all, the communication you will want with the adoptive family. Your adoption specialist will then help you in choosing the adoptive family, and the list will be based on your preferences. Adoption Choices of Nevada has a long list of adoptive families waiting for a hospital adoption, and they are open-minded and diverse. 

Most of our adoptive families are able to arrive at the hospital in a short amount of time, but of course, this is based on your preferences as well. Ultimately, it would be less stressful for you and the baby if the adoptive parents were to arrive during your time at the hospital. Interacting with the adoptive parents is up to you, and if you do not want to, then your specialist will communicate on your behalf. 

Our Reno Adoption Agency can Help With Your Hospital Adoption

Reno adoption is ultimately a journey that birth mothers choose when determining the life they want to offer their babies. Nevada’s private adoption agencies, such as Adoption Choices of Nevada, work towards helping birthmothers in having a positive adoption experience with safety and support. If you are considering adoption while you’re in the hospital, rest assured that you are not alone, and you can contact Adoption Choices of Nevada at any time. We have ways in which we can help you make an adoption plan in a positive way, whether you’re at the beginning of your pregnancy or have already given birth and are in the hospital. The adoption specialists that work with us are great at what they do, and your assigned specialist will be with you for the whole duration of your adoption journey. 

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