Planning an Adoption at 6 Months Pregnant in Reno, Nevada

By Jesse Popp

If you’re 6 months pregnant or at any stage of pregnancy in Reno, Nevada, choosing adoption is an option! Giving a baby up for adoption is scary, but Adoption Choices of Nevada is here to make it easier. Adoption Choices of Nevada in Reno is a private adoption agency dedicated to assisting birth mothers during the adoption process. Private adoption agencies allow birth mothers complete control over their adoption plans. This includes when during their pregnancy, they choose to begin adoption planning!

Choosing Reno adoption is a great way to begin planning an adoption for your child. Giving up a child for adoption is something you can decide to do at any point in your pregnancy. Upon contacting Adoption Choices in Reno, birth mothers are paired with an adoption specialist. Adoption specialists are here to assist birth mothers in creating their adoption plans. They can provide guidance and suggestions but will always listen to the birth mother for any final decisions. So, if you are 6 months pregnant in Reno and want to choose adoption, pick Adoption Choices of Nevada!

The Adoption Process in Reno

If you’re planning on giving a baby up for adoption, now is the time to begin the adoption process! Beginning this process at 6 months pregnant is just like starting it at any other point during your pregnancy. 

When beginning the adoption process, you are paired with an adoption specialist. Your adoption specialist will help you create a comprehensive adoption plan. Your adoption plan will help shape your goals and includes your preferred type of adoption. For Reno adoption, there are three different adoption types to choose from; open, semi-open, and closed adoption.

Open adoptions consist of open communication between birth mothers and adoptive families. This means that both families can exchange contact information in order to keep in touch. Both families will agree to an open adoption prior to the adoption itself. Next are semi-open adoptions. Semi-open adoptions are similar to open ones but a little more restrictive. Communication between families will be conducted through a confidential online portal set up by Adoption Choices of Nevada. This portal can be used to exchange photos and updates about your baby. Finally, are closed adoptions. Closed adoptions don’t have any communication between birth mothers and adoptive families. This option is typically best for birth mothers who would like to move forward with their lives. An adoption plan will also outline what your birth plan will look like and other services you might need. 

Choosing an Adoptive Family in Reno, Nevada

Another step in the adoption process is choosing an adoptive family. The birth mother will be provided with profiles of prospective adoptive families. These families will be presented to the birth mothers based on their preferences for adoptive family qualities. Birth mothers are also able to meet the prospective family prior to the adoption if they choose! After you make a decision and give birth, there will be relinquishment documents to sign. All adoptive families have been screened and are legally able to adopt in the United States as well. After your child is placed with a family, your become eligible for supportive post-adoption counseling. 

Reno Adoption Resources for Birth Mothers 

Choosing Reno adoption with Adoption Choices of Nevada offers many supportive resources for birth mothers. Some of these resources include financial assistance, medical assurance, transportation services, and safe housing. Some of the finances that we can fund are rent, groceries, medical costs, and phone bills. Your adoption specialist can make sure that you have the resources that you will need during the adoption process. We will make sure that you are receiving the medical care that you need. This includes covering transportation to and from doctors and OBGYN visits.

If you are in need of safer or more comfortable housing, Adoption Choices ensures that your needs will be met. Finally, if needed, Adoption Choices of Nevada can provide mental health counseling. We understand that pregnancy and adoption are difficult times in your life, and we will help in every way we can. 

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No matter if you are 6 months pregnant or anywhere else in your pregnancy, Adoption Choices is here to help. Remember, it is never too late to choose adoption in Reno with Adoption Choices of Nevada

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