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By Adoption Choices of Nevada

Planning an Adoption from the Hospital

By Elle Kerrigan

If you recently gave birth and are considering your options, you may be wondering, “can I give my baby up for adoption from the hospital?” While you may feel like it is too late, the answer is yes; you can begin the adoption process from the hospital. Hospital adoptions or “last-minute adoptions” are not uncommon, and an agency like Adoption Choices of Nevada can help you get started. We are a local, non-profit, private adoption agency that has been helping women and families pursue adoption in Las Vegas and throughout Nevada since 2008. We have knowledge and experience in hospital adoptions that can guide your next steps as a woman seeking adoption in Nevada. 

How Does a Hospital Adoption Work?

You’ve just given birth, or you’re about to give birth, and you’re sure that adoption is the best choice for you and your child. No matter where you are in your pregnancy, it is never too late to contact Adoption Choices of Nevada. When you call us from the hospital, you will speak to a specialist who will help you create an adoption plan.

Typically, the adoption plan covers a birth plan, but since you are already at this stage, we will focus on post-birth plans. Adoption agencies like us are used to adoptions at all stages, so we are well-prepared for adoption from the hospital. Creating an adoption plan will help you organize the details involving you and your baby. With our help, you are in control of your own adoption plan; the care you need to feel comfortable, and support is possible. Everyone’s journey with adoption is unique, and our specialists will ensure that your help is specialized to you, so all your needs are met. 

What is Covered in an Adoption Plan?

If you are already in the hospital stage of your pregnancy, the adoption specialist at our agency will help you choose the type of adoption you’d like to carry out. This will inform the post-placement plans for you and your child, such as the amount of contact you will have with the adoptive family going forward. Our counselors will also guide you in choosing a family. We have a diverse group of eager families who are prepared for hospital adoptions. These families create detailed portfolios for you to browse on our website. You may read the stories and view photos of waiting for couples to decide if there’s a family you connect most with.

Depending on your preference, most of our couples are able to arrive at the hospital in just a short amount of time to ensure a low-stress waiting period for you and the newborn. Whether or not you wish to interact with the family upon arrival is up to you. You are making a strong and compassionate choice in providing the gift of a child. Not only this, but you are making sure that you and your baby may carry out the fulfilling lives you deserve. 

What Kind of Post-Adoption Support is Available? 

When giving a baby up for adoption, it’s first important to understand that you are doing the opposite of giving up. Instead, you are actively putting forth an effort to create a better life for you and your child. You are making a difficult decision, and with this decision may come a need for support. Adoption Choices of Nevada is a great resource for the emotional and financial support that women seek during and after adoption.

Seeking Adoption Help in Las Vegas

As a woman seeking adoption in Nevada, our services are completely free to you. However, we understand that there are additional costs that come with having a baby, such as medical bills, housing, and transportation costs. You may be eligible for financial assistance in any of these areas through our agency. We will also aid in arranging transportation to any medical appointments. Additionally, our agency provides counseling sessions and a Birth Parent Support Group for you to attend. Many women find this group to be a great encouragement system to deal with any feelings that may arise after placing your baby for adoption. 

Even from the hospital, adoption is an available choice for you. Only you truly know what’s best for you, and it’s never too late to take this step. It is most important for you to remember that you are making a selfless decision and that you are not alone on this path. Adoption Choices of Nevada provides non-judgemental support and adoption in Las Vegas, Reno, Elk, and throughout Nevada. If you are considering a hospital adoption and need help getting started, contact us via phone or visit us in person at our Reno or Las Vegas location. 

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