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Positive Feelings after Placing Your Baby for Adoption in Nevada

Positive Feelings after Placing Your Baby for Adoption

Placing a child for adoption is one of the hardest tasks you can face. It is a beautiful choice, but it can send you through a roller coaster of emotions like nothing else. There are plenty of thoughts out there on how a birth mother like yourself should feel after placement. Most of those are negative emotions, but there is so much more than those negative feelings. 

There are these powerful positive emotions that shouldn’t be overlooked. A birth mother shouldn’t feel ashamed of having them either. We here at Adoption Choices of Reno know that being a birth mother is tough, but the emotions are so incredibly valid to feel. 

What are some of the positive feelings after placing your baby for adoption?

A Feeling of Relief 

Yes. This is often a feeling that birth mothers are going to feel ashamed for having. How could you feel relief after placing your baby for adoption? You have gone through the whole process of adoption, which is full of ups and downs on top of being pregnant. That is a tough job to have on your shoulders, and you may have been working or raising other children during this time. You are one tough cookie and it is okay to feel relief. 

There is no denying that raising a child is expensive. You are allowed to feel relief that you don’t have to worry about the financial pressure of raising a child. If it isn’t that, maybe it is the relief that you don’t have to raise a child when you aren’t ready. Not everyone is ready to become a parent, and that is okay. 

Relief is a natural thing to feel, and while you may not feel it right away, there is no need to feel ashamed about it. 

A Feeling of Peace

This one may come as a shock to many people. How could peace be a feeling that you could feel after everything? Well, peace can come from knowing that the process is done. The adoption process can be a very stressful time in your life. There are so many choices to make, and they all come rather quickly. It can feel like your head is spinning for nine months with no end in sight. However, at the end of the tunnel is peace. 

You may feel peace because the process is over and you know your baby is in safe hands. You hand picked them, after all. This may not happen right away. In fact, this probably won’t happen till a bit after the finalization papers and settling back into life. When it does happen, though, embrace it and know that you made all the right choices.  

A Feeling of Comfort

Another feeling that you may feel is comfort. Just like peace, you may not feel it right away though. It is common for birth mothers to feel extreme sadness right after the placement. As time passes, though, you can start to feel this feeling of comfort. 

Like with everything, emotions come in seasons. Eventually, your season of sadness will melt away into comfort. If you have chosen the adoptive parents, you may have been able to get to know them. You may know their likes, dislikes, and their parenting style at this point. You may even be able to form a lasting relationship with them. This can bring a sense of comfort as you may be able to see important moments in not only their lives, but the child’s life too. 

You will also be able to feel comfort knowing he or she is in a loving home. They won’t be lonely or depressed as they are going to be showered with unconditional love. You can feel comfort in knowing they are safe too. An accredited adoption agency, like Adoption Choices of Reno, makes sure that all the families that come through our doors are safe and loving.

Positive Feelings after Placing Your Baby for Adoption 

Placing your child for adoption is one of the hardest things that you can do in your life. On paper, it seems pretty easy, but the emotional aspect of it is enormous. This is why positive emotions are so important to allow yourself to feel when they come around. There is no need to be ashamed of them or feel guilty about having them.  

Feel the good along with the bad. That is how you are going to heal after going through this process that only other birth mothers will understand. It is hard work to be a birth mother! Feel all the emotions that come your way and know that all of them are important and valid. 

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