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Post-Adoption Placement Self-Care: New Year, New You

By Matt Battaglia

The turning of the calendar presents a multitude of clean slates, fresh starts, and new beginnings. In that, Nevada birth mothers are faced with a unique crossroad, which brings endless amounts of reflection toward adoption placement. At this crossroad, birth mothers often find emotional mixtures: love, grief and loss, and self-doubt and loathing. Being pregnant and figuring out adoption as a whole can be quite trying. As a result, it can be rather difficult for birth mothers to properly care for themselves. So, we, at Adoption Choices of Nevada, are here to provide these with resources to better care for themselves.

Self-Care After Adoption Placement 

Once it is determined how to put a child up for adoption, it is important to map out a healing plan for the aftermath of working with adoption agencies. This will be the final step of an efficient adoption plan. Then, in order to move forward into post-placement life, birth mothers need to recognize and understand the vitality that lies in self-care after adoption. Regardless of an unplanned pregnancy or any other circumstances, the adoption placement process can be quite taxing for birth mothers. So much so, birth mothers can get caught up in the emotional roller coaster that rides the rails of life after placement. Whether it be an open adoption or not, the healing process for birth mothers does not change. Frankly, this is something that all adoption agencies should provide information on. Adoption in Nevada is never easy, and finding ways to heal afterward shouldn’t be. That’s where we, Adoption Choices of Nevada, are here to help. We are the Nevada adoption experts. 

1. Physical Self-Care

  • Healthy Eating: Simply put, food is fuel. What you put into your body dictates how you feel, both physically and mentally. Eating healthy meals makes physical gains and emotional stabilization easier to get during the adoption placement process in Nevada.
  • Moving Your Body: It’s not just about building muscle and improving fitness levels, exercise is a mood enhancer for birth mothers in Nevada.
  • Counting Sheep: Proper sleep is, by no means, a luxury. It’s a necessity for overall balance, especially for birth mothers. Quality sleep refreshes the mind and body.
  • Spoiling Yourself: Self-indulgence is far from pointless; it’s a necessary feat of self-love, used to re-establish joy within, especially for those in Nevada’s adoption process. For the sake of yourself, take a trip to a spa or a nice walk in nature after a visit to an adoption agency or adoption center.

2. Emotional Self-Care

  • Journaling: In times of heightened emotions, especially, it is important to put your thoughts and feelings on paper. Seeing everything point-blank in front of you makes it easier to work through any and all internal struggles. Using this will act as an important tool in self-reflection and emotional release, especially for birth mothers. Granting yourself and your emotions a safe space to exist and be worked through is vital in any healing process.
  • Meditation: Channeling peace within through meditation will bring relief from the multiple conflicting emotions that stem from adoption placement. Controlling your breath is the key to conquering anxiety and getting in touch with yourself. 
  • Therapy: There is no shame in asking for help. The adoption process is difficult for everyone involved. Reaching out to a professional for guidance is not only courageous but sometimes necessary when traversing the incomparable emotional journey of adoption in Nevada. 
  • Get Outside: Nature is the home of peace, as it offers a peaceful healing haven. This is especially monumental for birth mothers in Nevada’s adoption process. As humans, it is important to get outside and just be. Taking this time is good for your mind, body, and soul.

3. Spiritual Self-Care

  • Yoga: Although a physical action, yoga is a useful practice for connecting with yourself as a whole and aligning your energies across all parts: mind, body, and spirit. 

4. Social Self-Care

  • Favor Friendship: During the healing process, it is important to lean on those around you, your family and friends, to help get yourself back on track in life post-adoption placement. 
  • Support Groups: It would be beneficial to create a network of those also immersed in the adoption process, allowing a space filled with understanding and empathy to grow. Whether it be birth mothers from the same adoption center or not, having a circle of those going through something similar is vital for healing. You are not alone in this. 

Benefits of Putting Yourself First After Adoption Placement

Focusing on yourself doesn’t just include eliminating anxiety, it’s a venture in overall health for those in Nevada’s adoption process. By embracing these practices, birth mothers can experience:

  • Decreased anxiety and stress, creating a balanced state of mind.
  • Increased self-esteem and confidence, which are necessary for enduring the journey of Nevada adoption.
  • Closer circles through creating connections with others amid the multitude of dynamics at play during the adoption process in Nevada. 

Setting and Accomplishing Goals in the New Year Post-Adoption Placement

By setting personal goals, post-adoption birth mothers in Nevada give back to themselves the power in their lives, allowing themselves to continue to positively build their futures. By doing so, it is crucial to embrace the small wins, highlight goals, and take progressive steps toward gratification. Each victory is proof of resilience and growth amidst the adoption journey.

Go Forth – Life After Adoption Placement

The post-adoption journey is complex, filled with emotional peaks and valleys. Through the necessary practice of self-care, birth mothers in Nevada can embark on a journey of healing, resurgence, and self-discovery. Adoption Choices of Nevada stands as a shoulder to cry on to provide guidance for birth mothers in Nevada. For those making their way through the intricacies of post-adoption life in Nevada, Adoption Choices of Nevada is here.