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By Adoption Choices of Nevada

Adoption in Nevada: Post-Placement Guilt?

By Sean Williams

It is natural to feel a wide range of emotions after giving your baby up for adoption. However, it is important to take the time to process and heal after your adoption before asking the question. Will I feel post-placement guilt after an adoption?

The adoption process can be an emotional and strenuous time for a birth mother. Even when you reach out to the professionals at Adoption Choices of Nevada, everything goes according to plan. Throughout the process, you will constantly be faced with choices and decisions that can be overwhelming and make it hard to think about how you will feel in the future. The time after you have given birth and your baby has gone to live with its new loving adoptive family. Once the adrenaline and stress of the adoption process are over, you may be wondering how you will feel.

Certain Emotions are Inevitable During the Adoption Process

It is normal and expected to feel various emotions after giving your baby up for adoption. Emotions after this experience are inevitable. At Vegas Adoption, we understand there is no right or wrong way to feel, and we will be here for you regardless of your decision. A common reaction after giving up your baby is grief. This is perfectly natural, and it may take time for you to go through the grieving process. However, it is important to understand that grief soon after giving your baby up does not necessarily mean that you regret your decision. You should prioritize healing and move on from your experience before questioning whether your negative emotions stem only from grief or a genuine regret for giving up your baby. 

Will I Feel Guilty After Placing My Child for Adoption? 

While there are instances of birth mothers regretting their decision to give up their baby, these anecdotes are by no means the norm. In reality, no mother takes this decision lightly, and their choice is made to benefit themselves and their child. Unfortunately, those who regret giving up their baby often do not take the necessary time to heal after their experience and mistakenly blame their grief and pain for the adoption itself. However, I am not saying to put a child up for adoption is an easy decision. There are many hardships associated with this choice, but it is a beautiful and loving process at its best.

  • Important questions to ask: Is it regret or healing? 
  • When the reality of losing your baby seems too much to take, ask yourself these questions: 
  • Have you processed your grief and all the emotions that accompany putting your baby up for adoption? 
  • Do you objectively believe that you made the wrong decision for your baby and yourself? 
  • If you had the option to, would you change your decision? 
  • Could you honestly give your child the life that you want for them? 
  • Have you taken advantage of the counseling resources at your Adoption agency near me

It is important to continue to use the counseling and guidance from your Reno Adoption Agency even after the adoption is done. Having an outside perspective to talk to about your emotions and questions will help give you clarity. However, If you can answer these questions honestly and objectively and still believe that you made the wrong decision, you may be experiencing genuine regret. 

The Post Placement Healing Process 

Regardless of what emotions you are experiencing post-adoption, the most important thing for you to do now takes the time to heal. It is not a reflection of your character or strength to be kind to yourself and prioritize recovery, emotionally, physically, and mentally. Adoption Choices of Nevada can help you heal with experienced counselors and many more resources if you need support. 

Adoption is a beautiful and loving process that can be emotional and stressful for birth mothers. Take the time to heal and recover from the experience by reaching out to friends, family, and the experts at Adoption Choices of Nevada.

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