Pregnant and I Can’t Parent- Adoption is an Option!

By: Jordan Smith 

If you are experiencing an unexpected pregnancy and are afraid that you can not parent, Adoption Choices of Nevada is here for you. We find it important for you to know all the options that you may have before leading up to the decision to adoption. This is a no-pressure, private adoption agency, and we respect your decision.

Here will be explained who it is you will need to contact to start your adoption journey and the top 5 benefits of adoption as well. Yes, you heard that right. There are positive benefits to giving up a child for adoption. Do not worry about taking the path of adoption alone because we have great adoption counselors that are here to support you.

Who Would I Need to Contact?  

Adoption Choices of Nevada is who you will want to contact to gain important information when you are considering adoption. You will speak with one of our qualified adoption counselors, who will provide you with other options you may have, and if adoption is your choice, then the adoption process will begin. 

Adoption Choices of Nevada is a well-respected private adoption agency, and we allow birth mothers to make all decisions during their adoption journey. Doing this helps give the birth mother full confidence and makes for a positive adoption experience and placement. 

How Does Adoption Work?

The adoption process will begin after your initial meeting with your adoption counselor. Then your adoption plan will begin to be developed. To begin your adoption plan, your counselor will help you establish what type of adoption you feel more comfortable with. Moving on to your adoption family preferences, your counselor will provide you with a list of potential adoptive families for you to look through.

After establishing the type of adoption you want to pursue, it is time to then match you with an adoptive family. If you did not see an adoptive family that resonates with you, then Adoption Choices of Nevada will provide you with more to look through. You will not be alone in making these decisions, for you will have full support from your counselor. 

Beyond choosing the adoptive family, your adoption plan will then be wrapped up and completed. This is the time your counselor will go over with you all of the resources that Adoption Choices of Nevada has to offer. These resources include transportation, financial expenses, housing, medical assistance, etc. 

Lastly, Adoption Choices of Nevada will help you facilitate communication with the adoptive family based on the type of adoption you choose. The support of your counselor will be through the entirety of your adoption journey and post-placement. After the baby’s placement, we also offer support and counseling to birth mothers, and this is to ensure that you have all the help you may need. 

What are the Benefits of Adoption?  

1. Financial and Medical Adoption Resources:

When you choose adoption, finances, and medical bills can be expensive to some birth mothers, and Adoption Choices of Nevada can assist you with such bills. We offer help with financial expenses and medical bills, so our birth mothers have a strenuous free adoption experience. As for medical bills, Adoption Choices of Nevada will assist in helping you find a doctor during your pregnancy. Our adoption agency would then cover the medical bills to ensure you have the best prenatal care during your pregnancy. 

2. Helping Adoptive Family:

Adoption Choices of Nevada has a lot of potential adoptive families that are eager to adopt a baby. For you to be making the decision to adopt is giving another family the great blessing of bringing a baby home. Adoption is something that works positively for everyone involved, and there would be no adoption family without your decision to adopt.

3. You are in Control of Your Adoption Plan and Your Baby’s Future:

The benefit of being in control of every aspect of your adoption plan provides birth mothers with confidence and clarity about their baby’s placement. Adoption Choices of Nevada is here to guide you through the whole process of your adoption plan, so you can make decisions based on your own preferences. Doing this makes for a positive adoption experience and placement of the baby.

4. Adoption Support and Guidance:

During your time here at Adoption Choices of Nevada, you will have full support and guidance from your assigned adoption counselor. This support does not end when the baby is placed, but rather, there is also counseling that we offer afterward to keep you fully supported during this vulnerable time.

5. Potential to Meet Other Birth Mothers:

While you go through the process of adoption, there is potential for you to meet other birth mothers. Adoption Choices of Nevada also offers a birth mother group for those who need additional support during or after the time of adoption. You may be able to relate to others, and if you need to get things off your chest, then do not hesitate to talk to others you feel comfortable with or your adoption counselor. 

 Adoption Choices of Nevada is a well-respected adoption agency that strives to offer much-needed assistance to our birth mothers. This is a way that we can assist you during the time of adoption process and provide as much help as we possibly can. The benefits that birth mothers get from choosing to go with adoption are individually positive, for each birth mother’s stories are all different. We wish you well, and we are here to help you during this vulnerable time and to guide and support you in any way you may need.

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