Prioritizing The Birth Father’s Position In The Adoption Process

By Kyle Gray

Adoption Choices Of Nevada is proud of how many mothers we help and support through the adoption process and beyond. However, we never want that to outshine what birth fathers deserve during the adoption process. Carrying a pregnancy to term is mentally and physically draining for both the mother and the birth father. Regardless of the work put in, this event affects both parents equally. Birth fathers especially deserve support if they play an active role in giving the baby up for adoption

We understand that everyone’s circumstances are different regarding personal relations and feelings toward one another. Adoption Choices Of Nevada ensures that we stay out of any relationship issues while offering personalized services to both parties. On top of that, we do our best to ensure any birth fathers seeking help get the support they need. 

How Birth Fathers Can Be Of Service During A Pregnancy 

One of the most important things an expectant mother needs is someone in their corner. That source of comfort and encouragement usually comes from the birth father. As a birth father and partner, building an adoption plan together is one of the best ways to show support. Keep in mind that when creating an adoption plan in Nevada, there are several different types of adoption plans. 

Along with browsing the different types of plans to find what fits best, make sure to be emotionally present. With constant shifts in emotions and physicality, it is important that expectant mothers have someone to turn to in their time of need.

Understanding Nevada Adoption Plans 

Understanding how each plan works is best to determine what adoption means for you and your child’s biological parent. There are three primary options when it comes to adoption plans in Nevada. These options are easy to comprehend and understand as you determine which works best for you and your partner. 

Open Adoption

The first and most common method is open adoption. Open adoption is best suited for when there is a desire for the birth parents to have contact with the child post-adoption. Open adoption may seem daunting at first for an expectant mother, but this can be made easier with support from the birth father. 

Adoption Choices Of Nevada helps with adoption in Nevada but will not set the terms of your open adoption. In fact, open adoption cases are best-taken care of by partners building it off of their wishes. This freedom to build a relationship with your child going forward is one of the many benefits of open adoption. The birth father and mother can grow closer as they work together to understand what they want for their child. In doing so, this will not only strengthen their relationship but also set their child on a path toward a better future.

Semi-Open Adoption

After open adoption, the following method is semi-open adoption. Semi-open adoption allows birth parents to have contact with their child but is carried out in an official and scheduled manner. This method contrasts to open adoption but is still an excellent option for parents. Semi-open adoption involves parents working through a trusted agency that plans and allows them to see their child. 

Only pursue semi-open adoption if you do not think you will want more of a relationship with your child. This choice heavily involves the birth father and should not be set in stone until consulting him. One of the worst things to do during the adoption process is to keep another partner in the dark. Both the birth father and mother should pride themselves on how they work together during this process.

Closed Adoption

The third and final method is closed adoption. The terms for closed adoption are rather strict and irreversible. First, exchange of personal information and contact between parties is prohibited. This option allows parents to have their adoption be as quick and quiet as possible. Much like semi-adoption, this method has restrictions but is much more severe. As such, closed adoption is by far the one choice on this list that requires the most discussion between partners before pursuing it. Again, this option is mainly for those who wish not to have a relationship with their child now or at any time. Make sure you and the birth father are on the same page before choosing this concrete decision. 

Supporting The Birth Father Through Adoption

For any birth fathers going through the adoption process, you are not alone. Whether it be adoption in Las Vegas or Reno, we will help you navigate these difficult times. After all, this impacts you just as much as the birth mother. On top of that, we want to empower you so that you feel confident and steadfast in your decision. Even though you are not carrying the pregnancy to term, that does not mean you matter any less. 

As a parent, you have a right to be emotionally supported; we want to ensure you get that help. We can accommodate your wishes even if you and the birth mother decide you want different things from adoption. Often, the issue may arise where parents have differing opinions on which adoption plan to go with, which can cause tension. Rest assured in knowing that Adoption Choices Of Nevada do not side with one parent over the other. Through help from birth parent counselors, we can ensure you get the adoption process and benefits you want.  

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