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Promoting Positive Adoption Language in Vegas Nevada 

By Lindsay Parkoo

The way people have talked about adoption has been negative for a long time. This is unfortunate because language holds a lot of impact. The adage “words will never hurt me” doesn’t hold up as much as we think sometimes. That’s why it’s important that when talking about adoption in Nevada, using positive phrases can go a long way. First, we must know exactly what positive adoption language means. 

What is positive adoption language?

Positive adoption language is using positive words and phrases when talking about adoption in conversation. It talks about adoption in a way that shows more respect to birth mothers, adoptive families, and adopted children. As said before, adoption has been historically viewed in a more negative and stigmatized light. These stigmas and harsh words can hurt those involved in adoption. 

Role of Language Around Adoption in Vegas Nevada 

As said, language has the power to convey feelings and give insight into how we view topics. If the language sounds negative, it’s going to convey to the masses that that topic is negative. That’s why it’s important to learn positive adoption language so we can send a good message. Those in the adoption triad are often not shown respect through the language we use about them.

Benefits of using PAL 

Positive adoption language is a powerful way of keeping a positive atmosphere for the adoption triad. It can help birth mothers view their journeys in a better light and help their mental state. PAL can also lessen the spread of harmful misconceptions about adoption. For adoptive parents, using positive adoption language can help promote acceptance of their adoptive child. The adoptee must know their family is valid and beautiful. When seeking pregnancy adoption help through Vegas adoption agencies, implementing PAL into conversations is often part of the adoption plan. Here, we’ll show you ways to utilize PAL in your conversations about adoption. 

5 Tips on Using Positive Adoption Language in Vegas Nevada 

1. Try not to say “real parents”

Using the phrase “real parents” insinuates a lot of negative stigmas. It often implies that adoptive parents aren’t a real family to a child based on blood and DNA. Using the term “real” to identify biology also dismisses the validity of adoptive parents. This is a common misconception that harms the adoptive family and adoptee. Adoptive parents are very much valid parents. For a better distinction, the phrase “birth parents” should be used when referencing those in the adoption process. You should also use “adoptive parents” in tandem as well. 

2. Try not to say, “Give up for adoption.”

Using the phrase “giving baby up for adoption” insinuates that the birth parents are “giving up” on their baby. That’s a very common misconception that isn’t true. When birth parents choose adoption, they are giving their child a chance at a better life. They’re definitely not giving up on them. Birth mothers themselves sometimes will say they’re giving up a child for adoption. What they should say instead is that they’re “placing a child up for adoption”. Using this phrase gives a more positive connotation to the act of choosing adoption. 

3. Try not to use possessive phrases 

Saying phrases such as “keeping” or “taking” regarding a child’s home situation can be very harmful. It can make them feel like an object instead of a person who Is being majorly affected by the changes going on in their life. The terms can also make the parents involved seem like owners instead of family. This can add to the stigma of separation between an adoptive family and a “real family”. 

4. Avoid calling a child “unwanted”

Not only is it disrespectful, but it’s not accurate as well. No adoptee needs or wants to hear this, and no child in adoption is unwanted. This can be very harmful to the adoptee and the adoptive parents, and the birth parents. The adoptee might end up feeling self-conscious about their worth and existence. It’s also a false accusation towards the birth parents as well. There are many reasons birth parents choose adoption, and, more often, not wanting them is not the reason. 

5. Try not to ask invasive questions

Asking insensitive questions is seen as a breach of privacy that shouldn’t be taken. Going through adoption in Nevada can be a sensitive topic to bring up. Things such as the cost of the child or the reasons why someone is choosing adoption aren’t anyone else’s business. This, along with questions about a couple’s fertility or reasons to adopt, can come across as offensive. There are ways to inquire into someone’s experience with adoption without being invasive or rude. Ask if the couple is comfortable talking about it before you jump to the questions. Use all the positive adoption terms you’ve learned if you get the opportunity to have a conversation. 

Learn More about Positive Adoption of Language

The words we use have a very real effect on how we view adoption. Using positive adoption language means we’re acknowledging and giving respect to those who go through the process. If you want to learn more about how to have respectful conversations about adoption, search for Vegas adoption agencies. Search “adoption Las Vegas” and get in touch with Adoption Choices of Nevada to start your journey.