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Pros and Cons of Gestational Surrogacy

Pros and Cons of Gestational Surrogacy

So! You’re looking into beginning your gestational surrogacy journey, as an intended parent or as a gestational carrier. You’re probably aware of the basic timeline of how the gestational surrogacy journey works by now. After you’ve contacted Adoption and Surrogacy Choices of Nevada, you go through your background checks. Once you’ve passed those with flying colors, you’re finally matched. From there, the fun begins and you’re able to witness the beauty that is gestational surrogacy.

Now, as is true in many areas of life, there are positives and negatives. Gestational surrogacy is no different. Today, we’ll be looking at the pros and cons of gestational surrogacy for both gestational carriers and intended parents.

Gestational Carriers


  1. As you’re aware, with pregnancy comes exhaustion, both physical and mental. It’s a sad but true fact. Due to the baby growing in your belly, your body is working extra hard to make sure the little one is safe and well cared for. While your body works, your mind may be in an anxious whirl. True, you’ve done it before, and you probably know the ropes by now. Still, keeping track of what you can and can’t eat, what exercises you can and can’t do…it can get to be a lot.
  2. In that vein, being pregnant is just physically demanding. By the time the third trimester nears its end, you’re swollen in more places than you can count. You’re on your way to the bathroom all the time, it seems. Pregnancy is not for the faint of heart!


  1. Well, let’s start with the obvious. When you become a gestational carrier, you do so on behalf of those who are unable to carry children on their own. Really sit on that for a moment. That’s no small kindness. “No pressure,” I know. It’s true, though…you’re helping a family grow.
  2. As you get to know your match, you may very well find that you all have a lot in common. It isn’t unheard of for gestational carriers to become lifelong friends with the intended parents that they’re matched with. It makes sense. After all, you’ll be spending time with one another for a good year or so. 
  3. Many gestational carriers choose to become one because they thoroughly enjoy the feeling of being pregnant. It’s a great way to experience pregnancy again without having the newborn at the end. 
  4. When you become a gestational carrier, you may find that there are some things that the intended parents you’ve matched with, your partner, or your friends just can’t fully understand. It’s not their fault – being a gestational carrier is an extremely unique experience. You’ll need the feeling of community, especially if this is your first time being a carrier. Finding a support group for gestational carriers can do wonders for your mental health.

Intended Parents


  1. Waiting, waiting, and more waiting. The gestational surrogacy process is not a quick one, and can test even the most patient person’s nerves at times. You’ll be waiting to be approved to become intended parents. You’ll be waiting to match with your gestational carrier. Once your carrier has become pregnant, you’ll have nine long months of waiting. If you’re someone who needs immediate results, gestational surrogacy does not fit that bill.
  2. If you’re someone who describes themselves as a “control freak,” you’ll be in for an unhappy awakening during the gestational surrogacy journey. You may want to monitor your gestational carrier closely…make sure she’s eating the appropriate things, getting enough exercise, etc. You’re just going to have to let go of the reins on this one, and trust your carrier to take care of herself. Think of it as an opportunity to kick back and relax!


  1. This one is a bit obvious, but it’s the greatest pro of gestational surrogacy: you’ll be growing your family into what you’ve always dreamt it could be. The waiting is worth every second. The loss of control? Worth every second!
  2. You’ll be meeting one of the kindest, most generous people in the world…your gestational carrier. You were matched for a reason, after all! As we mentioned above, it isn’t unheard of for intended parents and gestational carriers to become lifelong friends. There are even some instances of a gestational carrier/intended parents team to work together multiple times.
  3. Much like for gestational carriers, there are plenty of intended parents support groups that you can find. Whether you have a partner or not, being an intended parent isn’t something that everyone in your life can understand. Placing yourself/ves in a supportive environment where you’re heard and understood is crucial to any intended parent. If you aren’t a social person, or if COVID has you concerned about being in a group, not to worry! There are plenty of online support groups that you can join. No contact required!

Intended Parents and Gestational Carriers

No matter where you find yourself in the gestational surrogacy journey, you’ll find that there are positives and negatives everywhere you look. However, you’ll undoubtedly find that there are far more positives than negatives. 

Were there any pros and cons of gestational surrogacy that you would have liked to see on this list? Any that you were surprised to find? Let us know in the comments! 

If you’re looking to become a gestational carrier with Adoption and Surrogacy Choices of Nevada, or would like to begin the process of becoming an intended parent, get in contact with us! We’re always happy to help you in any way we can.

Be safe and be well, friends!

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