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Pros and Cons of Independent Surrogacy and Agency-Assisted Surrogacy

Pros and Cons of Independent Surrogacy and Agency-Assisted Surrogacy

When choosing which option to take during your gestational surrogacy journey, there are many options to consider. Two of these include whether to opt for independent surrogacy or agency-assisted surrogacy. There is no wrong or right way to go with these two, as long as you choose the path that meets your needs and expectations. 

In order to help you understand more about which way to go about your surrogacy journey, Adoption and Surrogacy of Nevada is here to help you explore the pros and cons of each option.

Independent Surrogacy

Independent surrogacy is when intended parents and surrogates opt to go through this journey without the assistance of an agency. 

Pros of Independent Surrogacy

  • It saves money for intended parents. Going through a surrogacy agency can be expensive. Many surrogacy agencies may have extra fees for their services. Independent surrogacy can be appealing for intended parents looking for a more economical and financial option. 
  • It allows intended parents more control over the surrogacy process. While working with a surrogacy agency can be very helpful, many intended parents may want to have more control over the surrogacy process. Perhaps they already have a surrogate in mind or a surrogacy lawyer that they want to work with. Independent surrogacy could allow this for them. 

Cons of Independent Surrogacy

  • No help with the matching process. For intended parents who do not already have a surrogate mother, finding one on their own — without the help of an official matching process — may be a stressful step. Our surrogacy agency in Nevada has a list of surrogates who can help intended parents find their match more easily.
  • No professional help or resources with the surrogacy process. For intended parents who are new to the surrogacy process, trying to figure it out on their own can be challenging. A surrogacy agency is equipped to help and can provide case management, extra help, and guidance throughout the surrogacy journey. 

Agency-Assisted Surrogacy

Agency-assisted surrogacy is when intended parents and surrogate opt to work alongside a surrogacy agency, such as Adoption and Surrogacy Choices of Nevada

Pros of Agency-Assisted Surrogacy

  • Surrogacy agencies are equipped to help. Our surrogacy agency has years of experience. We are well-prepared to help with any doubt and questions intended parents may have throughout the surrogacy process. We will help plan your surrogacy journey and ensure the whole surrogacy journey goes smoothly. 
  • Surrogacy agencies meet intended parents’ needs.  Our surrogacy agency offers many services that are there to help you out, such as: legal needs, matching between intended parents and surrogates with the right coordination, and counseling. These may be small details, but they make a huge difference. 

Cons of Agency-Assisted Surrogacy

  • It may be pricier to work with a surrogacy agency. The whole purpose of a surrogacy agency, like Adoption and Surrogacy Choices of Nevada, is to make what seems complicated, feel easier on everyone involved. So, it may be expensive to work with a surrogacy agency, but it could also be very worth it.

Which is Best for You: Independent Surrogacy or Agency-Assisted Surrogacy?

Overall, everyone has the right to choose how their surrogate journey works best for them. Every intended parent wants the best for their future baby, and every surrogate wants the best in order to give intended parents the best gift in the world. Our surrogacy agency in Nevada is here to help every intended parent interested in growing their family through gestational surrogacy, and to answer every question you may have at any time of the day.

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