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By Adoption Choices of Nevada

Putting a Baby Up for Adoption in Reno Today

By Jonathan Tick

Over the years, adoption has changed to become a legitimate unwanted pregnancy option that benefits both child and parent. While it’s true that adoption has had a storied history, the way things are now is very different from what they are today.  

So if you’ve heard stories about how adoption was done before, this may interest you. Especially regarding the different relationships that mother and child can form even with adoption. And if you’re a birth mother in Nevada seeking Reno adoption, please contact us at 775-825-4673 for more information.  

Relationship with the Child After the Adoption Process

Most adoptions before were a lot simpler than they are today. Before, women would mostly go to a local adoption agency, public or private, and put their child up for adoption. A woman’s right to motherhood would be taken away once they finally gave up their child. And both mother and child would go their separate ways, never to be seen again. This has been seen to have some negative effects on the child. For example, making them question their reason for being put up for adoption in the first place. With many cases ultimately crippling the child’s mental health in the long run.  

This is far different from adoption agencies today. Where places like our Adoption Choices of Nevada give birth mothers and their babies a chance to connect. When pursuing adoption in Nevada, we give birth mothers a choice on how they want to interact with their baby. These interactions for Reno birth mothers can be something like sending pictures or letters through the mail. Or bigger events like meeting each other in person and celebrating important events. Our adoption agencies commit to events like these since we believe it creates a happy relationship between mother and child. And can help the adopted children feel more comfortable with the result of their parentage. Now, they can interact with and ask questions to the person who put them up for adoption. Which we’ve seen has proved to be a positive outcome for all parties involved.

Accessibility and Choice When Pursuing Adoption

These days, adoption is a lot more accessible to families that have always wanted them. Previously, adoption centers may have pushed away people with whom the center may not have agreed. Or did not do proper screening with the adopting family, which resulted in children ending up in not as loving homes as they deserved.

Comparatively, our adoption agencies take great care in our screening and adoptive parent eligibility process. All adoptive parents are required to have a background check so that we can make sure that they’re fit to be parents. Mostly, this involves ensuring that the child given will end up in a stable home. But aside from that, virtually anyone who wants to be one can be an adoptive parent. Over time, we’ve allowed LGBT couples, single parents, and other groups to become viable parents that can take in children. Thus increasing the potential pool of parents a birth mother can pick from.

Additionally, in our adoption process, we let birth mothers choose whether or not they want to choose the adoptive parents. Birth mothers will be able to look through many potential parents available in our database. Picking one from the screened list to get interviewed and potentially be the lucky people to take care of your baby! This option exists as a way to give birth mothers agency when they’re giving up a child for adoption. This level of control gives our birth mothers full power to dictate their child’s future, which is something we take pride in when we match deserving families with a baby to call their own.

Adoption, Good for the Birth Mother, Good for the Baby

Ultimately, adoption today puts more of an emphasis on providing a better future for the mother and her baby. Adoption Choices of Nevada seeks to provide those unwanted pregnancy options that women need. As well as provide the best care possible so the adoption process can be as easy as possible. Our mission is to help out as many birth mothers in Reno as we can. So we can help the birth mother’s well-being and give both her and her baby the opportunity to look positively towards the future.

The negative stigma of adoption still exists in some form today. But despite that, adoption has gone quite a long way. And will continue to be a strong option for birth mothers who want the best for the child they’re unable to care for.  

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