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Putting a Baby Up for Adoption Today

By Conner Sura

Have you been searching for adoption in Reno and are curious about how adoption has changed in Nevada

The adoption process has a long, ever-changing history. Adoption can be confusing for new birth mothers who are trying to place their child up for adoption. Nonetheless, the modern adoption process design makes sure that the birth mother and child are well taken care of. 

Adoption choices of Nevada agencies provide resources like financial assistance so that the mother’s birth can have some of the stress alleviated. 

Adoption Choices of Nevada will show how adoption has changed through the years and if adoption is right for you. 

What Is The Reno Adoption Process? 

Before we can discuss how adoption has changed throughout the years, we must talk about the adoption process. The Adoption process is the process that a birth mother begins to start placing her child up for adoption. The process usually begins when a birth mother contacts an adoption agency in her area. Then, the mother would discuss and create an adoption plan with her adoption specialist. The adoption plan highlights certain needs and requirements that the mother might need. This includes any emotional, financial, and medical support that the mother might require. 

Open Adoption vs. Closed Adoption 

Another thing we must discuss before we can talk about how adoption has changed. The differences between a closed adoption and an open adoption. 

What is open adoption? Open adoption is a type of adoption that allows for direct contact between the three parties of the adoption: the birth mother, the child, and the adoptive parent. This includes contact information like phone numbers and email. Attentionally, open adoption allows for the birth mother to keep in contact with their child. Things like video calls, letters, and in-person visits can be allowed under open adoption. However, this can vary depending on the family. 

Closed adoption, what is it? Closed adoption is when the birth mother wishes to not disclose any identifying information about herself. During a closed adoption, the birth mother and adoptive parents won’t be able to communicate or have any information shared between them. This includes all identifying details like background, contact information, or names. 

Additionally, there’s a third type of adoption. Semi-open adoption is when a birth mother’s case manager shares information with the adoptive family, like photos and letters, while keeping the birth mother’s identity private. 

How Has The Level Of Openness Changed Adoption? 

In the last few decades, the openness of adoption has become a lot more mainstream. Adoption used to be a secretive affair between the birth mother and parents. This came as a result of the stigma around adoption. Adoption was seen as selfish and was a way for birth mothers to escape the responsibility of an unplanned pregnancy. Adoption today is viewed as a valid way to start or to create a family. When a birth mother says she wants to give up her baby for adoption, she won’t be faced with harsh judgment. 

Additionally, adoption has become more inclusive. Birth mothers of any background are welcome to receive pregnancy adoption help

The Increased Popularity of Open Adoption in Reno Today

While closed adoption might have been the most common type of adoption, in the last few years, open adoptions have risen in popularity. As we mentioned above, closed adoption is when a birth mother stops all contact with their child. Nonetheless, as society became more accepting of adoption. Open adoption rose in popularity. Allowing birth mothers to still have a space in their children’s lives after the adoption process is finalized. 

Studies have shown that birth mothers who opt for an open adoption have a better time dealing with the guilt and grief that adoption can bring. Additionally, studies have also shown that children who opted for an open adoption fare much better emotionally. 

Adoption Transparency In Today’s World

Another thing that has changed is the resources and transparency between the birth mother and adoptive parents. The adoption process used to be a completely private affair where birth mothers would not have been involved in the adoption process before or after the birth of their child. With an open adoption, that is longer the case. With an open adoption, you remain in contact with your child after they are placed into adoption.

Open adoption also allows for the birth to get updates on the child if she wants. The amount of resources that are provided to birth mothers and adoptive parents was unheard of until a few years ago. If you are a birth mother giving her child up for adoption, you should not have to worry about the life your child will have. 

Your Real Choice for Adoption in Reno 

While adoption still presents many challenges for birth mothers, the practice has become more widely accepted by society. Adoption Choices of Nevada understands the turmoil that can come from adoption. That is why we help birth mothers find a loving family for their babies. Adoption Choices of Nevada provides real choices for your adoption needs. We have Nevada adoption centers in Reno and Las Vegas.