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By Adoption Choices of Nevada

Putting My Baby Up for Adoption After a Sexual Assault in Las Vegas

By Nicole Cunningham

Unfortunately, sexual assault is not an uncommon thing that happens. Someone is sexually assaulted every 68 seconds. It’s a terrible event that happens more than it should. When this does happen, it can result in unplanned pregnancies, which can put the birth mother in a position you don’t want to be in and think about giving the baby up for adoption. This doesn’t mean that you are out of options or don’t have control over what happens next in your life. Looking into adoption agencies like Adoption Choices of Nevada can help you have a better understanding of all the options you have. We want to help you through this difficult time as much as we can.

What are your Adoption Options

If you are experiencing feelings of being discouraged and frustrated, you may even be thinking about what you should do with the baby. You have options available to you if you find yourself in an unplanned pregnancy from sexual assault. You could raise the child yourself, you could terminate the pregnancy, or you could choose adoption. If you don’t want to choose the first two of those three options, adoption in Nevada is a great choice.

You may be feeling resentment towards the baby or other ill feelings. Those feelings are valid. The trauma you have experienced is tremendous, and the thought of having a baby can be overwhelming. The baby does not have to represent the cruelty that you experienced. It could be very difficult to carry the child to term, but if you don’t want to raise the child yourself, adoption is the next best thing. There are different options that can allow you to experience however much contact you want with the child.

Among these, there is open adoption, where you and the birth parents can have contracts and visits. There is semi-open adoption, where you and the birth parents decide what level of contact they are comfortable with; you may just be able to get updates on the child from them. And lastly, there is closed adoption, where you won’t have any contact with the child after the adoption goes through. With an adoption specialist, you can decide exactly what you want to do with your adoption plan.

You are in Charge of Your Own Adoption Journey

Talking with one of our adoption specialists does not mean that everything is set in stone. Learning the information or even putting together an adoption plan doesn’t mean you can’t back out of your decision. Up until the paperwork is signed over, you can back out of the adoption process. It is your adoption journey. You get to choose exactly what you want to do. You can decide the type of adoption and choose who the adoptive family is. All of the choices are in your basket; it is your adoption plan.

In the case of sexual assault, the birth father’s consent is voided. Because this is a case of violence, and you can prove it, his consent doesn’t matter. At Adoption Choices of Nevada, we have adoption specialists who can help you decide how you want to proceed.

Adoption Resources and Support

Adoption Choices of Nevada has plenty of adoption resources for you. We have mental health support, financial support, transportation support, and medical support. The adoption specialist that you speak with will be able to lay out all the options that you qualify for. They want to make this process as easy as it can be for you. Adoption is not an easy choice to make, and it is even harder when the pregnancy is because of sexual assault.

We want to be able to give you all the support that you need. You are our number one priority. We want to help make sure you have the resources and support you need. Becoming pregnant through sexual assault is hard, and carrying the baby to term could be the last thing that you want to do. You want to get as far away from the situation as you can and not have the baby with you for the next few months. That choice is going to be a difficult one. We just want you to be able to get all the information that you need to make an informed decision.
If you have any questions regarding the adoption in Nevada process or plan, please reach out to us. Adoption Choices of Nevada wants to help you get all the information you can before making a permanent choice for your baby.