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As a birth mother, you have one of the toughest jobs in the world. One that requires you to love someone so much you have to break your own heart. Yet, this gut-wrenching decision is also what makes you one of the strongest women we’ll ever meet. To willingly put your baby’s needs above your own is the true definition of a mother. There are those who will tell you differently; that placing your baby for adoption makes you less of one. But, none of that is true.

Admitting that you aren’t the best person to raise your child is far from easy. Sacrificing your own needs and wants to give your baby the best life, despite how much you love him or her, is the greatest and most selfless act you can do as a mother.  Even if you don’t feel this way — this is you! A wonderful and loving birth mother.

Honest and Empowering Quotes about Being a Birth Mother

If you need more convincing, we have some honest and empowering quotes about being a birth mother for you.

1) “A birth mother puts the needs of her child above the wants of her heart.” — Skye Hardwick

A birth mother does exactly that. You are putting your needs behind the needs of your child. Simple as that. While it hurts, and while it seems like it could be impossible, you know it isn’t. You are someone that knows what love really is.

2) “Had I loved (my son) any less — one ounce less — he would be with me now! My love for him was the only thing that could enable me to break my own heart. I didn’t just feel love; I did what love dictated.” — Tamra

Like Tamra, you know that love isn’t just a feeling. It is the actions you take to try and give your child the best life he or she could possibly have. Even if that means you aren’t the one raising them. Love is so strong, and it can be very painful at the same time. At the end of the day, though, if you are a birth mother, you know this. You are aware of how much love can hurt, but you did what you felt was right. Sometimes love is strange like that. How could someone you love come into your life and not stay? Yet, sometimes the reason you love someone is so you can let him or her go to flourish and grow.

3) “Adoption isn’t a birth mother’s rejection, but an unconditional love that inspires her to put herself last and do all she can for her baby.” — Mary Hines

Do not let anyone convince you that because you chose adoption it means you rejected your baby. That couldn’t be further from the truth. Your baby, the reason you are here, is never rejected. In fact, the word “rejected” doesn’t belong here. The path you chose — adoption — doesn’t mean you don’t want your baby. Rather, it is the path of loving someone so much you know what is best for them. If that isn’t true love, we don’t know what is.

4) “The hardest decisions we make are often the best decisions we make. It just takes a little while to feel their benefits. But, just like flower seeds in the soil, they show themselves at the right time.” — Butterflies and Pebbles   

Is this path going to hurt? Yes. Is it going to be worth it in the end? Also yes. You may not see it at first. It may seem like you planted a seed that just won’t grow. But look back from time to time, and you will see growth start to happen. That seed will begin to bloom. Just like the flower, it takes a bunch of prep work and patience.

5) “Children need two things. One is roots and the other is wings.” — Unknown

You are always going to be connected to your child. You are their roots. No matter where they go in life, you are always going to be in their very fiber of being. The adoptive parents are their wings. The ones who are going to give your child the ability to rise to their fullest potential. Sometimes, your job is to make sure that no matter how high they fly, your child still has roots to remain grounded. Allowing another loving family to help your child fly isn’t easy, but it is necessary.

6) “A mother’s love for her child is like no other love. To be able to put that feeling aside because you want the best for your child is the most unselfish thing I know.”  – Natasha W.

No birth mother should ever feel selfish for wanting to give her child the best possible life. This means that you should never feel that way, either. Not only that, but you should also never be made to feel guilty for placing your child for adoption. Never. It is the toughest decision possible, and it takes a selfless person to commit to such an act. If birth mothers were selfish, they would be the ones keeping their children after all. But like others before you, you are putting yourself last and doing what you feel is best for your baby.

7) “Giving birth does not make a mother…Placing a child for adoption does not make her less of one.” — Unknown

Just because you chose to place your child for adoption doesn’t make you less of a mother. A mother is someone who is selfless, loving and puts the needs of her child before her own. Now, think about what you’ve done. See? You are a mother! You put your baby’s needs before your own, loving him or her enough to do what’s best in the long run. Though this selfless act is painful, you know deep down it’s right.

Being a Birth Mother

Being a birth mother is hard. We are not going to lie and say there won’t be challenges. Good days and bad days — because there will be. What we do know, though, is that being a birth mother is rewarding. Also, you are never alone. You have everyone here at Adoption Choices of Nevada to see you through this.

We hope these quotes help if you are feeling down. Just remember: you are the strongest person we know!

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