We adopted both of our boys with the help of Adoption Choices.  The staff is amazing and made the entire process very easy, they truly care about their clients.

CJ & David
Adoptive Family

After knowing for several years that we would be pursuing adoption, we felt fortunate to have Adoption Choices of Nevada recommended to us by a trusted advisor. A second party agreed and both spoke of the professionalism, integrity and overall high reputation that Adoption Choices of NV has both with the way it treats birth parents as well as adoptive parents. We found all of this to be true! We valued the balanced way our social worker showed compassion and concern for our son’s birthmother and also was respectful and caring about our feelings and all of the emotions involved. Throughout the process the entire staff of Adoption Choices was easy to work with and on top of things! We would love to work with Adoption Choices of Nevada again and would recommend them to anyone! We feel blessed everyday that we found AC of NV, they were wonderful!

A & J (and now W!)
Adoptive Family

After a nightmare experience with foster care (all ended well though) and a failed placement we fell Adoption Choices of Nevada did everything ethically possible to protect us and our son from further heartbreak. It truly was a fairytale experience!

Al & Sue
Adoptive Parents

Adoption Choices of Nevada helped us find our angel. The process was smooth and easy, and everyone was very helpful and understanding.

Adoptive Parent

Adoption Choices of Nevada is the most professional agency we have work with. Their knowledge and understanding and patience is unsurpassable. They were wonderful to work with. If we ever adopt again we will not hesitate!

Jerry & Heather
Adoptive Family

The entire staff was very helpful from start to finish with our son’s adoption. They answered all our questions even after our son was placed with us. We have recommended the agency to others.

Thank you for making us a family of four!

David and Beth
Adoptive Parents

We originally were planning to adopt through the foster care system, but decided against it, and a dear friend of ours had a friend who adopted a child through Adoption Choices and recommended we look into this agency. We did, and it has been by far one of the best decisions we have made.

The adoption process was quite fast and rather smooth. Less than six months into the process, we received a call from the agency stating they had a mother who was pregnant with a little girl. We could not believe it. Approximately, three weeks after that phone call we came home with our beautiful baby girl!

Our daughter is now seven months and is one of the best aspects of our lives. Because of her, our life is 100 percent complete. She is absolutely amazing and we love her to pieces.

A little over a week ago we finalized the adoption. I just want to thank Adoption Choices for such a wonderful gift, and thank you to all the staff and especially thank you to our social worker, Barbara, for all your help during this process and for making it such a wonderful experience.

T & T
Adoptive Family

After our first birthmother decided to parent, we had a very positive experience (and that is okay- we did not want to take a child away from a birth mom, we wanted to parent a child who needed a mom/family). When we applied it was because Adoption Choices was looking for a family for a special needs baby. Lainie and Maire were willing to work with us and that each step of the way they listened and valued who we are. Both were willing to go beyond conventional for us (texting, skyping, support, working through 2 holidays and Maire’s daughters wedding day) all for our baby. Through the entire roller coaster of ups and downs and all that our adoption entailed, Lainie was kind, supportive and professional. She was empathetic, without being fake. We are forever changed (in a good way) from our moth in Reno. We are so blessed that even in the middle of the 72 hours we had a loving cradle care worker, and amazing adoption worker, and the people in Reno were kind and supportive as well.

Kym & David
Adoptive Family

Adoption Choices of Nevada made sure that every step of our adoption went smoothly. They took care of our family and also supported the birthparents during the entire process. Maire, Cindy, Lainie and Faith, helped make it feel like our home away from home.

The Greens
Adoptive Family

When I found out I was pregnant as a 16-year old high school sophomore, I panicked. I was so scared more than anything; I didn’t know what to do. I thought about abortion, but for me, it wasn’t something I could do. My mom talked with me about my future goals and how a baby would fit into that life.

I reached out Adoption Choices in Las Vegas. The agency was very open about what would happen and how it would happen. They lightened the mood and did their best to make us feel comfortable; never pressured. The agency made sure that I received every resource necessary for a healthy pregnancy. They reimbursed my existing medical bills and handled all future expenses which allowed me to continue to see the doctor I had chosen. I also received additional funds to help with groceries and maternity clothes, and an open offer to receive counseling services.

Adoption Choices gave me five (5) profiles to review and I finally chose a family who worked in photography and painting. I wanted a more artistic family because I’ve always loved art and wanted my child to grow up around that environment.

I was embarrassed by the ’16 and pregnant’ stereotype and worried that the adoptive family would look down on me at the initial visit. Instead the family asked if they could greet me with a hug and kept saying that they couldn’t thank me enough.

When the baby was born, the family came quickly. Even though I had made up my mind, seeing their reaction to meeting the baby made me so happy. I just knew that these people that I don’t even know are going to love this baby as their own.

Adoption Choices reached out to me constantly to make sure I was okay after the placement with the adoptive family happened to make sure I was doing okay. I attended a couple of the support groups and now am doing really well.

I am currently in college studying to become an art teacher.

Elizabeth P.
Birth Mother