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What is the Role of the Birth Father in Adoption in Las Vegas?

By Brett Byll 

Facing an unplanned pregnancy can be difficult and confusing, and a common choice for birth mothers is adoption. Sometimes birth parents are unsure that adoption is right for them. There are legally complex areas when it comes to a birth father’s role in an adoption. This situation is where calling an agency like Adoption Choices of Nevada could make a meaningful difference. Reaching out to adoption agencies will provide birth parents the resources needed to stay navigate the adoption process. Adoption Choices of Nevada, offers helpful adoption specialists and professionals. These are people who have a deeper understanding of Nevada adoption laws specific to your situation.

It’s important to recognize that each adoption scenario is unique, and the outcome may not always be what you want. However, understanding your rights as a birth parent and putting the best interests of the child first may improve the process. Birth fathers have several different rights regarding an adoption that are key to making sure it goes smoothly. 

Birth Fathers and the Legal Process

A birth father’s legal rights as a father begin with an Acknowledgment of Paternity or AOP. A birth father who has agreed to be the child’s father will sign a Certificate of Parenthood. This can be done immediately after your baby has been born. An acknowledgment of paternity is especially important when the parents of the child are not married, because it provides legal documentation that links the father and child. Both parents may voluntarily sign the acknowledgment after the birth, and nurses and staff tend to help with the details.

If you are a birth mother who wants to place your child up for adoption, most states will require the father’s consent. In most cases, this applies to Nevada. There are special cases where the father’s consent may not be required. These can include when the father has failed to establish paternity. Additionally, in cases of abandonment, the court may determine them to be an unfit parent.

It’s important to know that birth parents, which includes legally established fathers, are allowed to revoke their consent to the adoption. The general revocation period is from 72 hours to  one week prior to the adoption being legally finalized. The details may be difficult to figure out on your own. Generally, legal counsel is recommended. The professionals at adoption agencies in Las Vegas can help you figure out the details. Birth fathers who may want a chance at a connection with their child after the adoption process may want to consider their options. Revocation is difficult for everyone. Alternatively, something like open adoption provides birth parents the opportunity to connect with adoptive parents and the birth child.

Following up on the Adoption Journey as a Birth Father

If you choose to go forward with an adoption as a birth mother, the birth father needs to be notified. This gives them the opportunity to consent to or revoke the choice. If the birth father cannot be found and contacted after an attempt to notify them, the adoption process will continue. It is also possible for a birth father to waive their parental rights, which allows the adoption process to go on without their involvement. If the birth father has not established paternity, or they have abandoned the child, their rights as a parent may be terminated. If they are found unfit to parent by a court, their rights as a father will be revoked.

Adoption Choices of Nevada is available to help protect and ensure birth parents’ rights. Parts of the adoption process in Nevada might be difficult, such as locating the birth father or figuring out the notification period. Managing documents and keeping track of state laws is tough. Adoption agencies can help you with all of these tasks. If you need legal information and help, you’ll find great resources at Adoption Choices of Nevada.

If you are curious about and looking into adoption, whether it’s just as a birth mother or as a birth parent, going to an agency may help. At Adoption Choices of Nevada, you can figure out what kind of adoption plan may work best for you. In addition, if you need financial support, counseling, or general advice, specialists will help. 

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Choosing adoption is a selfless act and often is in the best interest of the child. This is especially the case if you do not have the resources to care for a child. A father has several responsibilities in the adoption process. Our adoption agencies in Reno and Las Vegas are ready and willing to help you make these aspects more manageable. If adoption sounds right for you, please consider contacting Adoption Choices of Nevada. All you need to do is contact them.

If you need help finding financial support, housing, medical care, or understanding how to put a baby up for adoption, please reach out. On the Adoption Choices of Nevada website, you can fill in your personal details so the agency can contact you. Additionally, you can contact the agency through email, phone calls, or social media. If you have any more questions, please contact us today.