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Second Parent Adoptions

One of the most exciting pieces of news a partner can tell her significant other is, “I’m pregnant!” Instantly, the endorphins kick in and there’s that overjoyed rush of adrenaline. The fear of never conceiving melts away, and you begin to relax. In nine months, your child will be here. You two will finally have the family you’ve dreamt about, and spent so long planning. Then another fear surfaces. Only one of you will be considered the child’s legal parent.

With heterosexual couples, there’s something called, “marital presumption.” Basically, this means that when a man and woman have a child together, the law recognizes them both as the child’s parents. This is not the case with same sex couples. Married or unmarried, lesbian and gay units must go through extra lengths to ensure they both have equal parental rights.

Enter the magic of second parent adoption.

Legal and Non-Legal Parents

When a woman gives birth to a child, her partner or spouse won’t share the same legal parental rights even if both of their names are on the child’s birth certificate. Courts have yet to resolve this part, despite legalizing marriage for same sex couples in 2015. So, in the beginning, the woman who initially gave birth is the only one considered the legal parent.

This is the same with lesbian and gay couples who choose adoption outside sperm and egg donors. While they both can begin the process together, only one partner can adopt the child at a time. In the eyes of the law, one is consider the legal parent while the other is seen as the non-legal parent.

Second Parent Adoption

If the non-legal parent wishes to share equal parental rights as their spouse or life-partner, they must petition the courts to adopt the child individually. Under second parent adoptions, both parents are protected. Neither of them must terminate or relinquish their rights in the process.

During the process, the courts may investigate the second parent a bit more closely than the first, to ensure that the non-legal parent has the best interest of the child at heart. They will want to know if the non-legal parent lives with the child, what kind of interaction they have, and how much responsibility the non-legal parent shows when teaching and taking care of the child. Additionally, they will make sure if the legal parent gives his or her consent to the second parent adoption.

Benefits of Second Parent Adoption

Going through the process of second parent adoption may feel like a hassle, but it has shown beneficial to same sex couples. For starters, if you both choose to adopt your child, the law will recognize you as the child’s biological parents. This is huge. It will protect both of you, and your child, in the long run. So, in the event of a death, divorce or another form of split, the court will see you both as having equal rights.

Choosing this path to legal parenthood is individual to each couple. If you need extra advise, reaching out to other couples who have gone through the process could shed some more insight. Reading others’ stories online may help as well. Overall, though, second parent adoption is a wonderful option until the courts further resolve parental rights for same sex couples.

Adoption Choices of Nevada

As always, depending on where you live, state law can vary. Be sure to research the regulations and requirements within your state when considering and pursuing second parent adoption. Also, consult with your adoption agency and/or lawyer for more specific information pertaining to your individual circumstances.

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When Rachel isn’t haunting her local Starbucks or Barnes and Noble, she’s avidly pouring over her Writer’s Digest subscription or cozying up with a cup of tea and book. She currently resides in the beautiful Pacific Northwest with her beloved wife and Border Collie.



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