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Seeing Color: Why it Matters for Birth Parents and Adoptive Families

Forming a family through adoption is an incredibly special process. If you are a woman facing an unplanned pregnancy, adoption is a choice that will allow you to place your child into a loving family without having to parent yourself. Not every woman who becomes pregnant is ready or able to become a mother. Still, if you’re considering adoption, you will be able to personally contribute to your child’s future and extend your love towards them. One of the unique parts of adoption is the ability to form a family with parents and children from different races. This process of transracial adoption exposes children to an environment that blends multiple cultures and positively impacts their character as they grow up. If you are a birth mother, you will have the ability to choose the adoptive parents for your child. At Adoption Choices of Nevada, we have seen many birth mothers choose to place their child in a family that aligns with their own personal culture and upbringing. However, there is value in choosing an adoptive family from a different race. Allowing your child to see the color up close from an incredibly young age will provide them with a solid foundation for learning the importance of inclusive behavior and nondiscriminatory actions. 

Why Choose a Transracial Adoption?

If you are a birth mother, you may be wondering what the benefits of choosing a transracial adoption are. Some mothers feel that their child should grow up in an environment that is similar to their own personal upbringing, so they don’t need to be worried about their child growing up with personal values that they don’t agree with. However, in the process of choosing an adoptive family, you will be able to learn more about a family than their race. You will be able to see what values they hold, what religion they practice, what environment they are currently living in, and so much more. Further still, you will be able to meet with the adoptive parents in-person to ensure you are comfortable placing your child in their care. 

You may still be wondering what the value of growing up seeing color is for your child. At Adoption Choices of Nevada, we believe that placing your child into a family that blends multiple cultures and races will allow them to learn the importance of inclusion and acceptance from a very young age. Of course, the goal of transracial adoption is not to convince your child that color doesn’t matter and everyone is the same. Instead, transracial adoption allows your child to see differences as they grow up and learn to celebrate and accept them, rather than judge them simply because they have not been exposed to them. Your child will learn to view people as unique individuals with interesting backgrounds and cultural practices instead of wishing to only hang around people who look like them. 

Why Would the Adoptive Family Pursue a Transracial Adoption?

As the birth mother, you may be wondering why an adoptive family would want to pursue a transracial adoption. In some cases, communication between individuals of different races can be a little more complicated, and the adoptive family may not understand the various challenges your child may face due to their race. However, many adoptive families view any opportunity to parent a child as a gift and a blessing, so your child’s race will not have a big impact on them. An adoptive family that is devoted to providing your child with love and nurturing care will work through the challenges that transracial adoptions pose and see the opportunity to embrace a child of a different race as an amazing chance to expand their intercultural understanding and celebrate difference. 

How Do I Pursue Adoption in Nevada?

If you are interested in placing your child up for adoption in the state of Nevada, please don’t hesitate to contact Adoption Choices of Nevada. We have locations in Reno and Las Vegas but want to assist you no matter where you are located in the state. 

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