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By Adoption Choices of Nevada

Self-Care Throughout Your Adoption Pregnancy

By Jacob LaBau

A birth mother carrying the burden of pregnancy can cause an intolerable number of emotions. The feelings can become even worse knowing that the baby she carries is being placed for adoption. Adoption Choices of Nevada is here to assist all birth mothers in any way we can. We offer counseling and support groups to assist with eliminating unnecessary stress in your life.

We are here to help provide self-care tips for you to utilize in the comfort of your own home. While pregnant, it can be problematic to stay active or get out of the house. Instead, surround yourself with supportive family members and friends that can help you with what were once simple things to accomplish, such as getting groceries. If you live in Nevada, consider choosing Adoption in Las Vegas. It is our most popular local adoption agency, with hundreds of adoptive families ready to become parents!

Start an Adoption Journal

Journaling is a great way to begin your day. Many people are unsure what to write down, and that is okay! The only way to get better is by giving it the old college try! Start small and give your journaling a purpose. Write down anything that relates to your pregnancy or your struggles with adoption. The purpose of journaling is to organize your thoughts to reduce stress. Journaling is unique for everyone, but the overall goal remains the same. If you want to put your child up for adoption, create a journal comparing the positive and negative effects of adoption and parenting.

Some examples of what to put down in your adoption journal include:

  • Why do I feel so bad about pursuing adoption for my child?
  • What can I accomplish today to make me feel better about adoption?
  • Does Adoption Choices of Nevada offer anything I can take advantage of?
  • What concerns can I talk about with my adoption specialist?

As you get more comfortable with journaling, it will only get easier. Your future baby will appreciate your effort toward the adoption process!

1. Read a Book

Dive into a whole new world and forget about your adoption worries by losing yourself in a book. Reading clears your conscience and will reassure your decision to choose adoption. It can also be done anywhere, such as in your home or a beautiful park! There are an endless number of books out there to read. Find a book you want to read, and you won’t ever want to put it down.

Choosing what to read is always the toughest part. However, you could use the tips from the journaling segment and apply them to select a book that revolves around adoption. A book about adoption will hopefully include intertwined information about pregnancy as well. You have endured enough physical and emotional pain to deserve a couple of days to focus on yourself! Placing your baby for adoption has never been easier. Find out how to create an adoption plan today by contacting a local adoption specialist!

2. Take a Short Walk

We understand how difficult it is for birth mothers to stay active while pregnant. But a short walk out in the sun or nature will grant you the desperately needed impervious serotonin. In addition, any amount of vitamin D will immediately improve your mood. So open your front door and get to stepping!

Clear your mind and focus on your surroundings. You can even choose to combine this self-care tip with an audiobook. You will feel much better focusing on nature than your adoption worries. If you are experiencing an unexpected pregnancy and want to place a baby for adoption, we are available to help you 24/7! Call us now to get you on the right track for a successful adoption!

3. Cook or Order Your Favorite Food

There is nothing quite like devouring a fantastic meal to ease your mind. If you actively enjoy cooking, think about your favorite recipe. Cooking is a fun way to take your mind off things and also comes with a tasty reward! If you have never cooked, it could be your new favorite hobby. Cooking a meal catered for you brings a sense of accomplishment and satisfaction. Your brain will be happy you did it, and your stomach will be too!

If you know that cooking is not your forte, think about ordering food for delivery. With the prevalence of the pandemic, food delivery is much more mainstream than it once was. So identify your favorite restaurant and order food to your door! Adoption in Las Vegas is an option and could be the closest adoption agency relative to where you live. Even if you do not live close to Las Vegas, more adoptive families are located there than any other adoption agency in Nevada.

4. Take a Bath

A bath is an underrated way for complete relaxation. Purchase a bath bomb, light candles, and envelop yourself in warm water. You will teleport from a chaotic and stressful life into 30 minutes of pure bliss. Consider bringing a book with you into the bath, too, to fully lose sight of any worries.

Focus on You During Your Adoption Journey

Giving up a child for adoption requires courage and adversity. A warm bath will refuel your braveness, allowing you to carry on. Remember, Adoption Choices of Nevada wants the adoption process to feel as smooth as possible. Contact us with any questions or concerns. We will do our best to answer them in full.

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