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Self-Care Tips for Vegas Birth Mothers During May

By Jessica Exstrom

The month of May is representative of new beginnings, Spring, and happiness… for some people. For many people, though, May can be a difficult time of year to endure. It brings flowers, but it also brings Mother’s Day. Mother’s Day is a holiday that can be really difficult to deal with and participate in, and that’s totally okay. Maybe you lost your mom, have a poor relationship with her, are a mom yourself, or live life as a birth mom. If you’re living through the circumstance of being a birth mom, there are ways you can cope during the month of May. These self-care tips can help bring you peace and give you the strength to push through this often difficult time. Your adoption in Nevada doesn’t have to be one you bear alone or one that leaves you always feeling bad.

You Are Never Alone in Your Pregnancy

Adoption Choices of Nevada is a local adoption agency in Nevada that provides intimate, thoughtful care to birth mothers. Specializing in adoption and adoption services, we make sure you, the birth mother, are taken care of during all stages of your pregnancy. It’s necessary for you to know that we have your back and that you are far from alone in your pregnancy journey. You are the birth mother, the entire reason your baby is being brought into the world, and you matter. Being aware of the services and care offered to you can help you navigate through this sometimes difficult month.

Various expenses come with being a pregnant person. Working can be difficult, along with paying bills, grocery shopping, various living expenses, and more. When placing your baby for adoption with us, we can help you with these things and more! We offer financial assistance with rent/utilities, groceries, phone service, transportation for hospital visits, maternity clothing, and certain medical expenses. We want you to be able to take this time for yourself and your baby; Let us help you with the rest. 

Take Time for Yourself

As we’ve already stressed, you are so important in your baby’s adoption. Your care should be top-notch, and your health should be a priority. Not only should physical health be prioritized when pregnant, but your mental health is also beyond important, especially during May. Staying healthy for yourself and for your baby is essential to a healthy pregnancy and adoption.

An unplanned pregnancy can bring up a wide range of emotions. One day you may feel happy and excited to place your baby in a loving family, and the next, you may regret even thinking of placing your baby for adoption. It’s not wrong to feel any specific way, but it can be beneficial to take some time and prioritize yourself and your feelings during this time. Pregnancy is a tough process on its own, but pursuing adoption can feel draining and take a toll on a person. So, breathe. Take a moment and let yourself feel what you feel. Pursue your hobbies or do something new. Take the time for yourself!

Invest in Adoption Choices of Nevada

Making yourself a priority is vital to successful adoption and pregnancy, but getting down to the details of your adoption is also very important. Adoption across Nevada, including adoption in Las Vegas, can be a lot simpler than adoption is often made out to be if you take the right steps. Planning and executing just what you want for you and your baby can take a weight off your choice and help you find closure during the adoption you’ve so bravely pursued. 

Creating an adoption plan is the best way you can almost guarantee a great adoption. Adoption planning involves great communication between the birth parents, or birth mom, and your very own adoption specialist. With this plan, you have the opportunity to build a plan that you are satisfied with for you and your baby. An adoption plan includes choosing the adoptive family your child will be placed in, deciding which type of adoption you want to pursue, the specifics of the hospital visit, and much more. You will be presented with and described all of your options for each step, and your adoption specialist will offer further adoption help if you so choose. An adoption plan is a fantastic way to make sure that you have a say in your baby’s future and that you can have some more control over the situation. 

Self-Care During Adoption is Vital

Remember why you chose adoption in the first place. Know that you are making a brave decision and sacrifice to pursue adoption and place your baby with a new family. You are strong and resilient, and one month won’t be the end of the world. Take care of yourself and your baby, and invest in your adoption. You are already an amazing mother, regardless of pursuing adoption. Prioritize your self-care, and let us help you through the rest!

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