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By Adoption Choices of Nevada

Shattering the Stigma of Giving Up a Baby for Adoption in Las Vegas

By Felix Miyago 

If you are a woman with an unplanned pregnancy and seeking help with adoption, Adoption Choices of Nevada would like to offer you resources. We’ve got two adoption agencies located in Nevada and Las Vegas. We understand putting a child up for adoption is not an easy choice; we have services such as: 

  • Creating your own adoption plan with 100% control
  • Adoption information about local adoptions
  • Staff filled with adoption counselors, social workers, and professionals
  • Pregnancy expenses, housing, and transport assistance, and medical care

Pregnancy brings a whirlwind of decisions. Preparing for a baby might involve temporarily leaving the workforce, relocating, and celebrating with a baby shower. These are widely accepted choices. However, the decision to place a child for adoption, equally significant, is often met with less understanding.

The stigma surrounding birth mothers who choose adoption is a deeply ingrained issue with many layers. These women navigate a complex web of emotions during the adoption process. Their decision is often fueled by a desire for a better life for their child. 

Looking for an adoption plan because of an unplanned pregnancy? At Adoption Choices of Nevada, we provide personalized guidance and support throughout your adoption journey. 

Why Is There So Much Stigma Towards Birth Mothers

The choices birth mothers make stem from a wide range of factors and circumstances. Though adoption is an opportunity for prospective adoptive parents, birth mothers face the stigma. There are multiple factors for the stigma around giving up a baby for adoption:

  • Media portrayal stereotypes 
  • Personal experience 
  • Birth mother’s love

Media Portrayal Stereotypes of Birth Mothers

The media gives a false perception of a birth mother in movies, news, and social media. There’s a false narrative that the birth mother is a young mother, reckless, involved with drugs, and involved with criminals. As a result, birth mothers may feel judged by adoptive parents, adults, and parents. 

Personal experience and circumstances 

The decision birth mothers make is a choice that needs to be respected. For them, there were considerations for the reason behind the choice. It could be due to a difficult living situation, the family dynamic isn’t optimal, the timing, or all of them. 

Birth Mother’s Love

Giving a child up for adoption doesn’t mean the birth mother didn’t love them. On the contrary, this is one of the hardest decisions a mother has to make. Child adoption would be the last option because there are countless circumstances adding up, as a result, lead to having no other choice. When the birth mother puts the child up for adoption, the love for the child doesn’t decrease. Rather, the opposite, the love for the child would increase because they won’t be with them anymore.

How Can We Break The Stigma Around Birth Mothers

There are a few ways to change the stigma towards birth mothers. 

  1. Avoid Giving Judgment
  2. Offer Help
  3. They Are Mothers

Avoid Giving Judgment

Adoption is a personal subject matter, and shaming the birth mothers doesn’t help them in any way. The birth mother is choosing adoption for a variety of reasons and we’re not able to see the motives behind it. Instead, giving compassion and understanding will help birth mothers not to feel alone or labeled as outcasts. 

Birth Mother Resources

Birth mothers are looking for unexpected pregnancy help, rather than giving judgment, and offer help such as resources in adoption agencies. The stigma around birth mothers makes it harder for them to reach out because of the judgment and the impact it could have on relationships. 

How Adoption Choices of Nevada Can Help Birth Mothers

While choosing adoption can be a complex and emotional decision, it allows for the creation of loving families and provides a chance for a child to thrive. By dismantling the stigma surrounding birth mothers, we can foster a more understanding environment. Adoption Choices of Nevada offers compassionate support and resources to birth mothers throughout their entire journey.