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One of the most wonderful aspects of adoption is the diversity of loving homes available to children. While a majority of children in Nevada are adopted by married couples, there are plenty of single parents who open their hearts through adoption each year. If you are exploring single parent adoption, you’re probably wondering if the adoption process will be more difficult for you than it would be for a married couple. Here are the answers to some commonly asked questions about single parent adoption to help you decide if it’s right for you.

Is Single Parent Adoption Legal in Nevada?

The short answer is, yes. Single parent adoptions are legal in all 50 states. Those wishing to adopt may do so, married or not, and share all of the rights that a married couple has. While single parents share all of the same rights as married parents when it comes to adoption, they must also uphold the same responsibilities. Just as married couples must provide a safe, secure and financially stable home to an adopted child, the same is expected from an unmarried person.

What Challenges Does a Single Person Face During the Adoption Process?

Each and every family is different and so is every adoption. Some single parents run into challenges during the adoption process, just as some married couples do. Most experienced adoption professionals understand that many single parents have loving, supportive extended families and support systems that are ready to welcome a child into their fold. The worry of that a single parent income will not be deemed sufficient may also be unfounded, as some married households also rely on one income or a single person enjoying a successful career and financial security may have a higher income than two combined.

Despite the single parent adoption success stories, going through the adoption process solo can be challenging. Some find that single parent adoption is not universally accepted and may feel excluded from certain opportunities. It is important for single parents considering adoption to work with an adoption agency, like Adoption Choice of Nevada, that is supportive and dedicated to building happy families regardless of marital status, sexual orientation, religious beliefs, or any other defining factor.

What Can I Do to Facilitate a Smooth Single Parent Adoption?

Doing your homework is vital. An adoption agency will ask you quite a few questions that you should know the answer to before your adoption journey formally begins. Understanding the types of inquiries that you’ll be faced with, as well as being well prepared for your home study will make the process easier for you. Single or not, being financially prepared is also paramount to a successful adoption. Lowering your debt and adding to your savings is a good idea, so is having a backup plan to account for any unexpected surprises.

To prepare yourself emotionally for the adoption process, joining a support group for single parent adopters can be helpful and can help you to expand your support network. Adoption can be the most rewarding experience of a lifetime, but it can also be emotionally and financially draining. Resiliency is one of the best qualities that a soon-to-be parent can possess. Learning from others who have gone through the adoption process can be extremely helpful, as can sharing experiences with those who are at the same point in their adoption journey as you are. Along with in-person support, online support groups abound, as do books and other literature discussing the topic of single parent adoption.

Ultimately, providing a safe and loving environment for a child is the number one priority for every person involved in an adoption. If you are exploring single parent adoption or would like to know more about the adoption process, please contact us today.

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