Our Surrogacy Services

Screenings and Background Checks

We undertake an extensive pre-screening process which includes background checks. These screening procedures ensure that the overall surrogacy journey will be safe, healthy, and successful to all involved parties. Once a candidate has satisfied all required components of our screening process, they become eligible for matching.


When we have identified a tentative surrogate match, one of our case managers will be assigned as the designated support person for both the intended parents and the surrogate throughout the rest of the surrogacy journey.

The Case Manager will assist and guide you from screening, through cycling, to embryo transfer, and throughout the pregnancy. Although it is important that you have a designated point person, our entire team remains available to support you at any time.

Surrogacy - Matching

Coordination of Legal and Medical Services

To ensure the utmost safety and protection for all parties involved, it is vital that intended parents and gestational carriers have competent legal representation to come to an agreement throughout the surrogacy process. As an agency, we will make sure you have expert representation for a smooth and stable journey.

We will also help coordinate medical services: we will coordinate with the hospital, clinics and medical professionals working with you on your behalf to minimize the risk of stress and miscommunication during the birth of the child.

Ongoing Support for Gestational Carriers and Intended Parents

Both intended parents and surrogates can benefit from surrogacy support and counseling – before, during, and after their journey. Our counselors provide valuable and thoughtful guidance, education, and assist in clarifying and exploring roles, expectations, and potential outcomes for all parties involved. Availability to surrogacy support improves relationships between intended parents and surrogates, benefits the children at the heart of surrogacy, and enhances the entire surrogacy experience itself.

Surrogacy - Ongoing Support for Gestational Carriers and Intended Parents
Surrogacy - Online Payment

On Line Fee Payments

We offer online payment options – convenient, easy, and fast – pay from the comfort of your home!

We No Longer Accept Checks

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From your first contact with Adoption and Surrogacy Choices of Nevada, we’re here to help you with the application process, screening, matching, coordination of services and all steps in between!

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