Will I Get Paid for Choosing Adoption in Las Vegas?   

By Edward Harding One of the most common reasons many women choose adoption is financial reasons. Unfortunately, providing for a child is not something everyone can afford, especially if you are suffering from homelessness or living in poverty. At Adoption Choices of Nevada, we commonly provide high-quality and affordable services to birth mothers within these scenarios and more. During these difficult times, it’s understandable to look to an adoption agency for help. You may even be wondering, will I get paid to place my child for adoption?  The answer to this question is no. It is illegal for private and state-sponsored…

What Does Private Adoption Mean?

By Edward Harding If you are considering adoption in Las Vegas, you most likely have spent researching various agencies on the internet. No doubt you have probably come across the term “private adoption agency” and wondered to yourself just what that means. How does it compare to a public agency? Are private agencies more confidential? These are all valid questions.  Adoption Choices of Nevada can answer all of these questions and more. Our specialists provide high-quality adoption planning and birth mother support for women across Nevada.  Choosing Private Adoption in Nevada Private adoption is an adoption conducted by an independent agency within…

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By Adoption Choices of Nevada

Adoption Plan vs. Adoption Process What’s The Difference?

By Edward Harding Navigating through information surrounding adoption can be quite confusing at times. Adoption agencies often utilize similar-sounding terminology. This can be frustrating for many women who are considering giving a baby up for adoption.  If you are pregnant and looking to begin adoption in Las Vegas, you’ve probably also come across the term adoption plan. You may dismiss this term as nothing more than an alternative for the process itself. However, that is far from the truth.     Adoption Choices of Nevada is the definitive adoption agency for the Las Vegas area. We are dedicated to providing clear and educational information surrounding adoption services….

Planning an Adoption at 6 Months Pregnant

By Edward Harding Giving a baby up for adoption is something that is available to all women, no matter the circumstances. Adoption isn’t something that you need to decide on immediately after seeing that positive pregnancy test. A lot can change over the course of 9 months. You may decide parenting may not be an option 6 or even 8 months in. Even after giving birth, adoption is still a viable choice.  At Adoption Choices of Nevada, we serve hundreds of birth mothers at various stages of pregnancy and beyond. We are the premier adoption agency for the Las Vegas area and surrounding counties….