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The Adoption Triad

Did you know that adoption has a symbol that accompanies it? Many people are unaware of it, so don’t feel bad if you answered no! The symbol is represented in three different parts, with each coming together to intertwine a triangle with a heart. Each part of the triad is a corner of the triangle with the adopted child at the very top.

We are going to learn about the three different parts of the adoption triad. With the help of Adoption Choices Nevada, all three parts come together to form a wonderful bond. But what are the three different parts?

What is the Adoption Triad?

The triad consists of three parts: birth parents, adoptive parents, and the adopted child. Each part is just as important as the other. Because, without one, there is no triad. The triad’s symbol demonstrates that birth parents and adoptive parents put the adopted child’s needs above their own. With each side being an equal distance, it represents the idea that each party shares the same level of communication.

We’ve come a long way since the world’s first adoption as far back as early B.C.! Back then, there was no formality or triad. Birth parents simply gave their child to someone in the hopes that he or she would have a better life, which, sadly, back in colonial days, seldomly happened. It wasn’t until the 1960’s that change truly began. From there, the adoption triad started to strengthen. For it to be what it is today, it took time and dedication from adoptive parents, adoptees, and birth parents.

Now, let’s break down the three parts of the adoption triad a little further.

The Birth Parents

The first part of the triad is the birth parents. Birth parents play a vital part in this symbol. Without them, after all, the triad wouldn’t even begin! There are plenty of myths and gross misunderstandings when it comes to birth parents. One is that birth mothers don’t love their children, or that they “give up” their children for adoption. The truth is that birth parents love their children with their whole hearts. While the choice to place a child for adoption isn’t easy, it is sometimes the best way to give that child a better life. Birth parents have a tough road with plenty of negative connotations about them. No matter what, though, they are some of the most courageous people to put their children’s needs above their wants.

Adoptees will always be linked to their birth parents. That link is never broken, either, as adoptees grow up looking more like their birth parents than their adoptive parents.

For birth parents, choosing to place their child for adoption is no easy task. It is a choice they make in the hopes that their child is able to have everything they’re unable to offer. It’s a love that can’t be matched. They do have to adhere to the adoption contract with the adoptive parents and they know that they are handing their child over.

The Adoptive Parents

Now, let’s look at the second link – the adoptive parents! The people who have full legal custody over the adopted child and are the ones raising him or her. The child is their full responsibility. No matter what, though, it will be known that the family was created with possibly another family in the mix. It may sound really scary to have the birth family involved, but in the case of open adoption, they could be.

Adoptive parents, like birth parents, have to adhere to the adoption contract. This means they not only have full legal responsibility, but they also cover the adopted child’s medical, schooling, financial and emotional needs. Adoptive parents also have one more very important job that comes with adopting – answering their child’s difficult questions. The ones that come with age, maturity and a better understanding of the process of adoption. It is important for adoptive parents to be open and honest. This lets their child know that there is no reason to be ashamed.

The Adoptee

Lastly, we have the adoptee. The very top of the triangle. This child originates from one world and is raised into another, accompanied by an adoptive family. That isn’t to say the two worlds don’t cross, though. In the case of open adoption, these worlds are brought together. In a closed adoption, however, the worlds may never cross. It really depends on what type of adoption the adoptee has.

Every adoption is exclusive towards the adoptee. For some, this means that adoption equals stability. For others, it is traumatic when they find out. It really depends on the adoptee and what the adoptee feels. There is no correct way to feel and all feelings are valid. Coming to terms with being adopted can be a whirlwind for the adoptee.

The best part, though, is that, no matter what, the adoptee has two families who love him or her unconditionally.

The Adoption Triad

With all three parts combined, the adoption triad makes this beautiful world that we call family. It is a family that unites people together and allows for growth. There is no way the adoption triad blog covers every detail about the adoption journey but it does start it. It is a symbol that is strong and comes from a past that many might not expect.

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