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The Aftermath of Giving your Baby up for Adoption

By Sreevidya(Vidya)

Adoption is a lifelong emotional journey, and how to deal with it is entirely up to you. Learning how to deal with emotions takes time and patience. There is no guidebook available for how to feel better about giving your baby up for adoption. Here are some ways to cope with your adoption decision. 

To Overcome the Stigma Attached Toward Adoption for My Baby 

An unplanned pregnancy can throw you off guard. Suddenly, you will be making the decision that is best for you and your baby. Choosing adoption for your baby can be one of the bravest decisions. There are many stigmas surrounding adoption. These stigmas can affect you in so many different ways. You can be overwhelmed. A general stigma that surrounds adoption is you do not love your baby enough. On the contrary, it is safe to say that adoption is a brave decision. It is the right decision if you are not in a position to parent your child. Raising a child requires you to be financially and emotionally strong. The reasons for you to give up your baby for adoption can be several.

Adoption agencies recognize this and provide you with all the support you need. You can get support during pregnancy and after childbirth. You can choose the adoptive parents and also remain in contact with your child and the adoptive family.

Acknowledge your Feelings – Adoption Choices of Nevada Can Help You Cope

The best way to deal with adoption is to figure out what you are feeling. It is normal to feel sadness and loss. It doesn’t mean you are regretting your decision. It’s perfectly OK to grieve. You might also feel a sense of numbness or relief, but it doesn’t mean you are cold. However you are feeling, it is good to recognize and acknowledge your emotions and seek support.

Adoption Choices of Nevada will provide one-on-one counseling and offer comprehensive services to support you in your adoption journey. You can slowly learn to cope with all your feelings after putting your baby up for adoption, which doesn’t happen overnight. This will help you move toward peace.

Reach Out for Help! Create a Personalized Adoption Plan

Having said that, it is OK to grieve. The process can take more time than you expected. Each person heals at their own rate. During this period, it is best not to isolate yourself and to talk to others and share your experiences. Sometimes, journaling your thoughts will also help you pour out what you feel and relieve you.

adoption agencies in Reno offer many services and support groups to reach out to. With your adoption plan, you can avail services of therapists and counselors. Support groups are groups with many birth mothers and parents who have undergone similar emotions as you have. Sharing your feelings with them can help you clear your mind. You could also consult your adoption specialist, who can advise you on how to cope with your choice. Many of the adoption specialists are usually birth parents who have experienced the adoption process. It is always comforting to know that you are not alone in this journey.

Find the Joy in your Choice – Adoption Choices of Nevada Supports your Adoption Decision

You are probably feeling happy and sad at the same time after your decision to put your baby up for adoption. It is absolutely fine to feel both. Painful thoughts are as important as joyous ones. Anytime you feel that your sadness is overcoming your positive thoughts, remind yourself why you chose adoption. It is helpful to focus on the reasons why you took such an important decision for you and your baby.

  • Keeping in mind what was best for you and your baby, you made this careful decision at a difficult period in your life
  • Because you chose to give the baby away at birth, you are now prepared to pursue your dream ( education, career, family, or beyond) 
  • You are a Hero forever to a family that has been wishing for a child. You have given them the most precious gift.
  • A positive growth environment will prevail as your baby will receive love from both you and the adoptive parents.
  • Choosing an adoption plan will be the best choice as you may not be in a position to provide, love, or create opportunities for your child.

Therefore, Adoption Choices of Nevada will support you with their team of adoption specialists, support groups and a community of birth parents and adoptive parents. You can talk to anyone at the adoption agency and get help to deal with your feelings.

Open Adoption – An Adoption Process that is Gaining Popularity

Having contact with the adoptive parents or the family during and after adoption is known as open adoption. Additionally, it is important to note that Open adoption and co-parenting have a lot of differences. Here you will be in touch with the adoptive parents and your child through phone calls, emails and in-person visits. The frequency will be different for different situations. This helps the child know the birth parents and will gain confidence while growing up.

While creating your adoption plan, you can decide how much contact you wish to have with your child. You can have conversations with the adoptive parents and come to a decision together. This will create a comfortable understanding between the two. You can also have a closed adoption option as well.

There is Life After Adoption 

After making a selfless decision to put your baby up for adoption, you will face a rollercoaster of emotions. Be prepared to face them and look ahead in life. You chose adoption for a certain reason. Put things behind and focus on yourself. You have given the best life you can by placing your baby for adoption. Adoption centers offer help through various resources. If you are a birth mother considering adoption, Adoption Choices of Nevada will assist you through the adoption process.