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By Adoption Choices of Nevada

The Benefits of Choosing Adoption (For Every Member of the Triad)

By Erin McKenna

When faced with an unplanned pregnancy in Nevada, you have several options. Placing the baby for adoption is one that many consider. It’s hard to know if this choice is the right one for your particular situation. This decision doesn’t only affect you—in the adoption process, there are three major parties. The birth parents, the child, and the adoptive family create what we call the adoption triad. All three members of this triad face benefits and challenges during the adoption journey. At Adoption Choices of Nevada, we want to help you make the best decision for your future. Considering the other members of the triad is one way to help determine if adoption is right for you.

Adoptive Families and Adopted Children

Most birth parents consider adoption because they want the best life for their child. If you don’t feel able or willing to raise a child, placing them with another family may be best for them. As a birth parent working with our adoption agencies, you can decide what family you want to place your child with. For parents who cannot raise a child, by choosing adoption, you are setting your child up for success. Our adoptive families are all carefully vetted by an adoption counselor to ensure they are capable and ready to take in a child.

There are many different kinds of adoptive families. Some have medical situations that make it difficult or impossible to have children. Many same-sex couples desire families and turn to adoption. Whatever reason families have for adopting, the process is a way to enrich and grow their family. Through open or semi-open adoption plans, many birth parents forge lifelong relationships with their adoptive family. Considering the adoption opportunities you are providing others can be one factor in deciding on adoption. While it may not be a deal-breaker, making a positive impact in someone else’s life is a benefit to you, too. 

Benefits of Choosing Adoption for Birth Parents

There are many reasons why pursuing adoption in Nevada may benefit you as a birth parent. A common reason people don’t feel capable of parenting is the financial strain of parenthood. Carrying a pregnancy to term is expensive, and finding proper medical care can feel impossible. One of the many adoption services we offer is financial aid. Nevada adoption laws allow adoptive families to cover certain pregnancy-related costs. Adoption Choices of Nevada can help you secure housing, medical care, transportation, and more during your adoption journey. Of course, the earlier you decide to pursue adoption, the earlier these services will be available to you. If you’re still not sure if the financial benefit is worth it, there are other reasons to consider.

There are many obstacles to parenthood that don’t involve money. If you struggle with substance abuse, are dealing with a toxic or dangerous home life, or are facing a teen pregnancy, adoption may seem attractive. For many people, adoption allows them to move forward with their life. Adoption Choices of Nevada can help you find a lawyer if you are facing legal problems. We can also talk to your family and help you if you feel that they wouldn’t be accepting of your pregnancy. Wherever you’re dealing with, you don’t have to go through it alone. 

You may not be dealing with any of those challenges, but you feel that you would make an unfit parent. Ultimately, if you think adoption would better your life and your child’s life, then it is the right choice. Nobody can make this decision for you. If it’s what you want to do, then that is what matters more than anything else. 

Real Choices for Nevada Adoption

Whether you’ve already decided to pursue adoption or just found out you’re pregnant, Adoption Choices of Nevada is here to help. Speaking to one of our adoption counselors is a great place to start, no matter where you’re at. Contacting us is not committing to anything. If you decide not to continue with adoption, we will support you. Our adoption experts will never judge or shame you for any choice you make. We want to empower you to make the best choice for your situation, not force you to do anything. Regardless of what you’re going through, we understand better than anyone. Nobody has to go through adoption alone. For every member of the adoption triad, finding a reliable, experienced adoption agency makes a world of difference. Call or message us today to take the first step in the rest of your life.