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Benefits of Interracial Adoptions: All You Need to Know

By Staren Henry

If you’re experiencing an unplanned or unwanted pregnancy, figuring out the adoption process can be overwhelming for a new birth mother. You may feel like there are many tiny details that you have to get right, and you are afraid of making a mistake somewhere down the line that could negatively impact you or your child. In addition, choosing an adoptive family can feel like an impossible decision, especially if they are not the same race as you.

Transracial or interracial adoption is when you, the birth mother, opt to place her baby for adoption with an adoptive family who is of a different race. An example of this would be a black birth mother deciding to place her baby with a white adoptive family. More and more people have been choosing interracial adoption over the years, and you may be wondering if interracial adoption is a good choice for you and your baby. 

If you’re on the fence about pursuing interracial adoption, this article will provide you with the facts to make an informed decision. We believe that an adoption is an act of love and that you are not “giving up” your baby for adoption. Instead, you are making the active choice to provide them with a better life. Here at Adoption Choices of Nevada, we are committed to assisting birth mothers in understanding the adoption process.

How Interracial Adoption Can Help

There are amazing positive effects of interracial adoptions, both for adoptees and adoptive families. Some strong reasons to consider transracial adoptions are:

  1. There’s a Need – Simply put. There is a need for more transracial adoptions. Many birth mothers are worried that they will not be able to find a loving family for their little bundle of joy. On the opposite side of things, there are many adoptive families who are anxious that they’ll never be selected in the matching process. By being open to interracial adoption, you instantly widen your pool of available matches. Just like that! This may make it easier to adopt out your baby to a loving home.  
  2. No surprises – Have you ever been worried about how your child might react to learning that they’re adopted? Perhaps you’ve wondered how you or their adoptive parents would breathe news to them one day. With an interracial adoption, this no longer has to be a concern. The ‘cat’s out of the bag’ as soon as your child realizes they look different from their adoptive caregivers. And that’s fine! Being upfront about their adoption promotes maturity and understanding of the situation and opens the door for important emotional conversations. 
  3. Promoting Diversity – Just because your child is adopted out to a family of a different cultural background doesn’t mean they have to stop engaging with their culture! In fact, interracial adoption is an excellent opportunity to invite others into dearly held ethnic and family traditions. This is a great way to make your child feel that they are still connected to you. Likewise, you may find that you enjoy and benefit from learning and engaging in the cultural activities of your child’s adoptive family. 

While it is understandable to be wary of the potential negatives of interracial adoptions, such as bullying or feeling left out, it’s important to note that the benefits often outweigh them. If you are considering a transracial adoption in Reno, please do not hesitate to contact us. 

How The Matching Process Works

Whether or not you decide to pursue an interracial adoption, the matching process will remain unchanged. Our adoption agencies have a large catalog of pre-screened and loving adoptive families for you to choose from. Your adoption counselor will provide you with these profiles when you meet with them. Remember, you have full control over the criteria on which to base your selection. This may include but are not limited to religious, financial, and locational factors. 

You will always have the final say in who you place your infant with, and only you can decide in interracial adoption is a choice you want to explore. If an adoptive family is willing to adopt a child of a different race, it can give you clearer insights into them as people. Accepting a child of another race into their home demonstrates their clear commitment to raising a child and shows that they aren’t discriminatory. It speaks of love, compassion, and responsibility. 

Making Adoption Work For You

Opting into a transracial adoption, while it has its many advantages, is still a big step to take. At the end of the day, our adoption agency will never pressure or influence your decisions during the adoption process. Our only concern is the well-being of you and your newborn as you navigate this new chapter of your lives. You are not “giving up” your baby for adoption, but instead placing them in a warm and loving home. No matter the race of the adoptive family.  

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