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The Best Ways for Surrogates to Build Strong Relationships with Intended Parents

The Best Ways for Surrogates to Build Strong Relationships with Intended Parents

So, the first steps of your gestational surrogacy journey have been taken — you’ve gotten in touch with Adoption and Surrogacy Choices of Reno, passed all of the background checks, and have been paired with your intended parents. 

For some of you, you’ll already have plenty of ideas as to how to bond with your match. Perhaps, you have a slight advantage at knowing your intended parents prior to this journey, or you “clicked” with one another straight away. 

For others, the social butterfly trait just isn’t something they were born with. Naturally introverted gestational surrogates often can have a hard time finding ways to bond with their intended parents without feeling awkward and out of place

Not to worry! Whether you’re an extrovert who simply needs new ideas, or an introvert who isn’t sure where to start, we have you covered! We’ve compiled a list of the best ways for surrogates to build strong relationships with intended parents.

  1. Start With the Basics

This may be a bit of an odd choice to start with. After all, isn’t that what your initial meeting was all about? But think about it. Relationships of any and every kind must have a solid base of communication. Otherwise, they will crumble. It sounds dramatic, but it’s true! The relationship you build with your intended parents is no exception. So, when you’re just getting to know someone, the best thing you can do is talk. Ask your intended parents about themselves. If they’re a couple or married, how long have they been with one another? What’s their love story like? If they’re single, what do they enjoy doing with their free time? Are there any special ways that they unwind at the end of a long day? 

Try to keep your initial conversations easy and breezy. You don’t want to turn the first few talks into awkward verbal tennis matches. Remember: you’ll be in one others’ lives for at least the next few months! You’ll have plenty of time to just sit and get to know one another better as your journey progresses. Relax, be yourself, and be gentle with them. For all you know, your match is just as nervous as you are! Be receptive, also, to answer any questions that they may have for you!

  1. Fun for Everyone

While you may find it surprising, not every person who becomes an intended parent is without children. For many, they already have little ones who are anxiously awaiting becoming older siblings. That said, if your match has children, you may look at participating in family-friendly activities. You may find that you’re more comfortable after seeing their parenting technique. If they are without children but you have some of your own, bring yours along! As you find comfort in seeing how your intended parents are, they will likely mirror this feeling. 

With winter weather having already graced us with its chilly presence, it may be hard to find many fun outdoor activities. That said, just because we live in a desert doesn’t mean that we don’t know how to celebrate the colder months! 

Reno locals can look forward to a new ice rink that will be opening up south of town this year! The Jennifer M. O’Neal Community Ice Arena is almost ready to offer their establishment to hockey leagues, figure skating lessons, and public skating sessions. Construction of the NHL-sized rink (200-feet-by-85 feet) is set to complete in early December, and is rumored to host a restaurant eventually. Pretty exciting stuff!

Now, it’s totally understandable if you aren’t quite ready to bring your family out in public just yet. If that’s the case for you, you may consider hosting an event in the comfort of your own home! A socially-distanced, child-friendly themed lunch or a dinner before is a great way for you and your littles to get to know one another, and have fun with it! For example, everyone could dress as their favorite cartoon character, or bring a movie to watch together. Even an indoor picnic can be fun!

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Unfortunately, the cases of COVID-19 are back on the rise in northern Nevada. As of writing this piece, our governor has, in fact, declared that unless you’re an essential worker, you should stay and work from home for the next fourteen days. It isn’t quite a mandate, but it is a strong suggestion. This isn’t bad news, however! While we do insist that you and your match make your health and safety your priority during this time, we are hopeful that ice skating sessions and fun dinners are still attainable! 

Our doors are also still open. We are available to you via social media, email, phone call, and ZOOM if you have any questions, comments, or concerns. If there is anything we can do to ease your mind during your journey, please don’t hesitate to get in contact with us. We are more than happy to speak with you.

Be safe and be well, friends!

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